high winds high

Ever child needs an education, ever child

Chapter 1


by: cjcj
I wasnt always like this. I was once normal. But no longer.
My names cj. Im a tall freshmen. Im probobly one of the few red haired class presidents. Anyways, im one of the resposible kids. Now to make a long story short, i kid wanted to get in a fight with me. I stopped him from rapping his girlfriend in the boys bathroom at the school dance, and he didnt like it. He tryed to punch me in the back of the head as i lead her out of the locker room, but his hand whent right thrue me. My natural instincts kicked in, and i turned and punched him in the side. Now im not a stong kid, but when i hit him, he flew and broke a sink off the wall. Ever since then ive felt different, alone in the world. Untill i got the letter.
It was from a school called high winds high school. They had accepted me, and said they could help me with my special talents. I decided to go. And one day a plane came tto the local airport, and flew me off into the distance.

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