My Curse

My OC---Amaya Mizuke has lived as a demon for 200 years now. She continually looks for a home and...okay I'm not good with intros just read and you'll understand!

I'm sorry I don't have time to put it into chapters!!!

Chapter 1

My Curse

“So, what are you doing after school, Amaya-chan?” Aki asked me, his bright eyes shining.
I pushed my hair out of my eyes, “Why?” He was silent for a second, thinking of what to say.
“W-well,” he stuttered, “I was hoping you might want to, you know, hang out or something...” My heart beat fast as his words sunk in, and a bright pink blush spread across my cheeks. I was about to say “yes,” but then I remembered something, and my smile faded.
“O-oh, I’m sorry, Aki. I...I can’t. I promised Kazumi I would help her with her schoolwork.” I didn’t dare look into his eyes, lest he figure out I was lying; Kazumi was a straight A+ student, and almost never needed help. The true reason I couldn’t be with Aki was that my sister, Anko, was back, and I’ve been trying to keep her from causing too much trouble.

/Anko and I had been born 200 years ago, in a secluded part of Nagasaki. We were born cursed into a family of demons, whom everyone had feared. Anko, being my older sister, was always there to protect me from anyone who tried to hurt me. But as time passed, she realized how strong she could be. With her full powers, she would be unstoppable. Her power corrupted her, and she destroyed are family in a fit of rage and ran, leaving me alone.
I’d never wanted to be a demon, and I tried starting over in Osaka, tried being human. Everything was great, until she came for me. Anko had been searching for me for the past 4 years, and became jealous at the sight of my new friends. She told me how amazing it felt to harness the true powers of a demon, how strong you would be. She wanted me to join her, and when I refused, she became furious, attacking my new home, and ruining the good reputation I had worked so hard to earn. She left me no choice when she killed my best friend, Naoko; I would have to fight her.
She made a scene out of it, bringing the fight out to the main street where everyone was watching. It was clear she felt no love towards me anymore, because she attacked with all her might, giving me many scars upon my arms and wrist. I was finally able to stop her, but everyone knew my secret now, and I was forced to move on.
The same thing has happened for the last 150 years, but I still have hope she will give up and leave me be eventually.
It seems it won’t be this time./

“Amaya?? Are you listening?!” Aki waved his hand in front of my face, and I blinked, returning to the present.
“I-I’m sorry. What was it you said?”
“I said I understand, and I hope we could do it another time,” he said; I could hear a trace of sadness in his tone.
“Me too...” I whispered as he walked away.
A few minutes later, my phone buzzed; it was Kazumi, wondering if Anko had come yet. Unlike any of my other friends, Kazumi knew I was a demon. She had done some research on my strange behavior and looks when I’d first come to Shizuoka. When she’d confronted me, I knew I wouldn’t be able to lie. I begged her not to tell and that I was trying to start over, again. She seemed to understand and chose to be my friend anyway. We have been very close for 3 years now.
I sighed and replied that she hadn’t yet, and I would let her know the first chance I had. A voice startled me from behind.
“You might want to re-think that before you send it; it could be the last thing she ever gets from you.” I turned
It was Anko, beautiful and terrifying as ever. She gestured to my phone and smiled, “Unless, of course, you’ve changed your mind about coming with me.”
I took a deep breath and faced her, “You already know my answer, Anko. It’ll never change, no matter what you do.”
She flexed her fingers, “I’m sorry to hear that.” Before I knew what had happened, she had me against the alley wall by my throat. She smiled cruelly. “Would you like to change your mind?” I struggled for breath as she tightened her grip, and I managed to shake my head.
“N-no,” I stuttered, “I don’t care wh-what you d-do.” She threw me to the ground and I leaned up, coughing.
“I think I have something that will make you reconsider.” She walked over to the shadows and brought something over. I gasped.
It was Aki, tied up, with his hands behind his back and a cloth at his mouth. He looked at me pleading.
“Let him go,” I said calmly, but demanding.
“Perhaps I will, but who knows what would happen if he told everyone I was a demon.” Aki’s eyes grew wide. She mocked a gasp, “Oopsie, looks like my secret is blown.” She laughed, and then looked at me seriously, “I’ll make you a deal, Amaya. You come with me, he goes free, or,” she continued, “You can both die.”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing; she’d never threatened me this way before, but I knew she wasn’t lying. As much as I wanted to help Aki, I couldn’t bring myself to nod. I refused to release my demon side.
Anko grew impatient, “Maybe we need a little more convincing.” Without warning, she socked Aki in the stomach and pushed me out to the road with a Wave of Darkness. People turned now, and I recognized a familiar gasp. Kazumi ran up to me, her face a mask of worry.
“A-are you okay?” I nodded after a second and pushed her away.
“She’s here, Kazumi,” I whispered, “It’s not safe.”
“I don’t care! I’m going to help you. There has to be something I can do!” I pointed to where she was.
“She has Aki. Help him. I’ll try and stop her...again.”
Kazumi’s eyes welled up with tears, “Be safe,” was all she said, and ran to Aki.
Anko smiled when she saw Kazumi coming toward her, and grew her wings, flying into the air. Bystanders gasped, and I knew I wouldn’t be here much longer. She looked at me and shouted, “Just come with me, and I will leave everyone else here alone.” I felt eyes on me, but I ignored them, and looked worryingly at Kazumi, who was untying Aki’s hands.
“S-stop, please!” jiijiI said, not taking my eyes away from them. Anko turned to them and smiled, “We don’t want to do that!” Suddenly, Kazumi was lifted into the air and thrown backwards to a building wall. She slid down, unconscious. I gasped and ran toward her as Anko hit me with a shuriken. I fell, covering my leg, where a new scar would soon appear. Aki mumbled my name and tried to stand. He fell back, still weak.
Anko was in front of me then, and pulled me off the ground. “I gave you many chances Amaya, almost 200 years’ worth! It makes me sad how I’ll have to kill you.” I didn’t have the energy to fight, and staggered when she released her grip. Her hands reached for her scythe and she swung.

I felt it at my throat, the sharp blade cutting through me. My eyes were wide as I fell back. I heard both Kazumi, who had slowly revived, and Aki gasp. Anko smiled and that set me off. Suddenly, I wasn’t weak anymore; I stood quickly, scaring her as she jumped back a few feet. I saw my reflection in a store’s window; my wings had grown and my eyes glowed red. I saw Aki’s terrified face at my true form, but ignored it. I felt stronger than I ever had before, and I would end my sister if I had to.
“Amaya,” Anko said cautiously. I glared and ran toward her. Catching her off guard, I flipped her and threw her about 3 yards out. The whole thing had taken 2 seconds. Anko struggled to stand and swung her fist at me. I blocked it and redirected her strength against her and threw her into the air. Leaving her no time to react, I flew up and used all my power, pushing her towards to road. The force had left a crater around us and Kazumi, who I hadn’t noticed running toward us, was thrown into a store’s brick wall.
I was finally able to regain control of myself. My eyes’ glow faded, and I ran to her, “K-Kazumi!” I yelled, shaking her. She looked at me weakly. I lifted her head up to help her breath easier, and I felt blood on my hands. Nevertheless, she smiled.
“Amaya...” she whispered, “I-‘m sorry I c-couldn’t h-help...b-but I’ll do whatever I c-c-can, for now......” Tears stained my cheeks.
“No! Y-you’re going to be f-fine! You c-can’t die! Please!!” I screamed. She shook her head slightly; her eyes closed, and she was still.

I sobbed, looking at all the damage around me; many people were crying and some had others in their arms. Some were glaring at me, others were shaking. I saw Aki, who had finally gotten free; his mouth in what could be a permanent “O.” I couldn’t bring myself to go after him when he ran.
My sister was just standing; she dusted herself off and smiled at me.
“This is the real you, Amaya. You were born to destroy. You think you can control it, but it builds inside of you, and you’ll end up killing as many as you did today. When you’re ready to embrace it, you just have to find me.” Those were the last words she said before leaving.
I didn’t move until everyone had cleared, and I was alone. Still weeping, I stood and ran. I ran for hours until I knew nobody was within 20 miles of me. I was done with trying to live normal; it only brought disaster to those close to me. I would stay away from everybody, so I would never be close to anyone anymore, thus never endangering anyone again.


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