I'm back with some updates! (Please read)


Chapter 1

Oct. 1, 2012

by: Carrie_
Hiya everyone! Happy October! I'm back...for now...Did you guys miss me? Or know that I was even gone? I hope you did....cause I missed you guys...

Sorry I left without saying why but I'm telling you now. The reason I left for like 8 days was because of school. Blehh...I had a lot of homework and quizzes I needed to study for, I couldn't get on.

I should really be doing my homework right now but I'm trying to type really fast so I can get it done. Um...Some of you may know that I have school until 2 o'clock so I'll try to get on then. But not tomorrow (the 2nd) and Tuesday next week (the 9th) and the Mondays after that because I have yearbook meetings to go to. (Yes, I'm in the yearbook club thing now...Yay!) Lol. I'm hoping I get to take pictures. Later in the year, it won't be Mondays anymore, it would be on Wednesdays because of the play that will be happening. (I don't know what play we're doing this year but I really want to do the backstage stuff. I don't remember what its called but it has to do with the set designs and stuff....)

Um, school has been ok so far. Just a lot of stuff....I know I have more to say but I don't remember what...

Oh and I will be going through my messages (over 1,100) so I am sorry if I don't respond to you right away. And I'm also sorry if I delete your messages. I'm trying to be efficient and multitask at the same time.

Things have been crazy lately too and I'm trying to balance everything with school work and things at home. I'm also sorry if I become really b****y all of a sudden. It's been happening lately and I just want to scream and other stuff...

Mew_Kandy- I will write the next chapter of I (Don't) Care when I can, I promise! The same goes for Hollywood. I don't know if you sent it or not..I have to check. Sorry it has been taking me so long! :(

If you haven't already read I (Don't) Care or Hollywood, I suggest you read it.

I will message everyone that I have been talking to ASAP. If you want to talk to me that haven't, go ahead. I might be a little slow but I will reply back.

I also heard that a few people deleted. :( Anyone know Lily? She was the wallflower? Does anyone know what happened to her? :(

Geez, so many things happened in a week....

Is there anything else that happened when I was gone?

Anyway, thanks for reading! I missed you guys. I'll be back when I can!


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