My Bucket List

Things I want to do before I, as they say, kick the bucket :) Be warned...I have some big dreams.........haha

Chapter 1

As of right now.....

So.....some of these are probably not gonna happen, but I'm allowed to dream, correct? :) Here we go:

1.) Go to a haunted house.
Okay, so this one sounds pretty lame, but I'm a chicken. I went to a really lame haunted house a year or two ago, and the actors led me out, in tears, early from the attracton. The one I really want to go to is in my area, but I would have to sign a waiver.....that semi worries me, haha!

2.) Go skydiving.
This is on a lot of people's bucket lists for some reason. Why does everyone want to jump out of planes?! It sounds like the dumbest idea ever! So why do I want to do it so bad?! AAAAH! Questions I ask myself everyday.

3.) Write a novel.
So...this seems to be the goal of a lot of people on Quibblo, so it's nothing really special. I have issues with finishing stories, though. I get halfway through and get bored or run out of ideas. But I like to challenge myself! :)

4.) Train myself to be left handed....
This one probably seems really random to you people, and it kind of is...I have just always wanted to be ambidextrious (how the heck does one spell that anyways?) ! I've gotten pretty good over the years, but it still srta sucks compared to my right hand.

5.) Get Married
But only if I find the right person, of course. I wouldn't marry just to be married! This one is so normal compared to the rest....I don't have much to say about it.

6.) Adopt a rescue pet!
I've always wanted a pet, but my mom's allergic, so when I finally get one I want one that needs love and support :)

7.) Fly a helicopter.
Most of my friends would agree this would end in disaster. And they're probably right....but that doesn't change the fact that I would love to try it!!!! Although, it seems rather complicated.....

8.) Meet J.K. Rowling
This would probably be the most amazing thing that ever happened to me ever! I could meet the genius behind Potter myself! This one's kinda self explanatory....who WOULDN'T want to meet her?! That's a rhetorical question.

9.) Go parasailing!
You know when you go to the beach, and you see those people who are like flaoting in the sky above a boat?! Yep. That looks so fun to me...My friend (cozydog55) has done it and told me it was so fun!

10.) Learn Archery!
I'M KATNISSSSSS! Haha, that's what I immediatly think when people talk about archery. But that's not a big part of why I want to learn. So many heroes and heroines are archers and I think it is really cool. But instead of Katniss, I'm going more for Merida from Brave! Haha if you have seen that!

Okay well, that's really it. So, feel free to do your own version of this I don't really care!


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