Kensington & Chelsea (A Harry Styles college love story)

Harry Styles, teen pop sensation, is heading off for college. He plans to learn all he can and get out of Kensington & Chelsea College as fast as possible, but when he meets an unlikely love, will he ever be able to leave?

Chapter 1

Prologue (This chapter is short, the rest will be long!)

“I’m going, Paul.”

“You’re not! Don’t be stupid, Harry! What could college ever do for you?”

“Well, for one thing, get me away from you.” With that, 19-year-old Harry Styles slammed the heel of his sneaker against the door, sending it flying closed into Paul Higgins’s face. Paul swore and pounded heavily on the locked door.

“You little-”

“And for another,” Harry went on, gaining momentum and volume, “it’d get me away from them!” Though he knew Paul could not see him, he knew the teen was pointing viciously at the window, where a make-shift campsite had been raised outside of the pop sensation’s pad. “A little privacy would be appreciated!”

“Harry, you got yourself into this the moment you stepped on that X-Factor stage,” Paul scolded, more than a little shaken at his youngest bandmate’s uncharacteristic outburst. College? Where had this even come from?

“Yeah, but now I want out. I don’t want to be ‘Harry Styles, manwhore of One Direction.’ I want to be me. Harry Styles, smart and sophisticated blazer-wearing college student wh-” Breaking off abruptly, Harry sat down hard on his bed, his long fingers burrowing into his curly hair.

“Harry.” The wooden door stood between Paul and Harry, but both males felt as though it was a cement wall, 5-feet thick. “Do you really want this?”


The answer was quick and stout, but it told Paul all he needed to know. He turned on his heel, left Harry inside his room, and set off to find his cell phone.

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