Things (poem)

Written on 9/18/12
Uploaded on 10/4/12

I think this poem is better than the poem, Today. (I sent it out earlier)

Ⓒ cstar11

Chapter 1


by: Carrie_
Things fade, things break.
Nothing is forever in one place.
We cry, we smile,
We fight, we laugh.
Everyone is different.
Different from what they seem.
I see people with different sides to them,
No one has ever seen.
We all have flaws,
We all have insecurities.
No one is perfect.
No one is always happy.
Inside, we are breaking, falling apart.
Inside, we are dying and no one knows.
Things have secrets, things have lies.
No one knows everything, no one knows the truth.
No one knows who we really are.
Not even us.


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