World War 3 (Hetalia)

The economy's failing. The world is ending. We need to take

Chapter 1

Chapter 1


He stood in the rain, smirking at the other countries. Everyone had betrayed him. Traces of blood and tears remained on his face. He stood motionless towards the countries, an insane look in his eyes. The gun that he had used a long time ago, once again hung upon his back. The other countries stood their ground. They weren't backing down. It was them versus the one country. Abandoned by his allies, he stood alone. They were soaked from the freezing rain, but no one moved a muscle. This was the final battle.

"Brr..." I muttered as I walked along the sidewalk. "I hate winter..." I had my coat on, yet it seemed to do no good. Frost shimmered from the tips of the grass and icicles hung from rooftops. I saw my breath in little puffs of air while I was making my way over to England's. I can't remember what he said he wanted, so I guess I'll just have to go over there empty-handed. I took out my MP3 player and found a Metallica song that I liked. I shoved the headphones into the MP3 player, jammed the headphones into my ears, and pressed play.

I had gotten through three Metallica songs when I got to England's. I walked up the cobblestone path that lead to the steps. I grasped the iron rail to keep from slipping off the steps. I got up to the front door and walked right in.

England was sitting in front of the fireplace and gazing out the window when I walked inside. I sniffed the air and smelled chocolate. "Sup Britain?" He turned to look at me. I noticed he was holding a cup of tea. "'Ello America." He took a long, slow sip from the cup. "I smell chocolate," I said. He pointed towards the kitchen and said "I made hot cocoa for you. I know you don't like my tea that I m--" I cut him off and ran into the kitchen. I looked and saw the mug filled with hot cocoa and I picked it up. "Yo Britain! Where do you keep the marshmallows?" I yelled. "In the second cabinet from the left!" he yelled back. I found the marshmallows easily and dumped half the bag into the hot cocoa. A few marshmallows fell on the floor and I bent over to pick them up. Five second rule! I thought as I tossed them into my mouth. After stirring the cocoa with a spoon for a bit, I made my way back into the front room where England still was. "Ok, I got my what did you want?" I asked. He was silent for a moment, softly smiling to himself. "It's snowing..." he said. I glanced out the window. Now I'm gonna have to go home in the snow! I thought. He turned to me and said "America, China and Russia are getting more and more powerful." I took a sip from my hot cocoa. "Yeah, so?"
"When countries get too powerful, they want to have a bigger country."
"America," he began, turning back towards the window. "China and Russia have both threatened to take over my country."

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