Today (a poem)

Written on 9/18/12
Uploaded on 10/4/12

Hey guys! So here is the first poem I wrote for school. Its pretty bad cause I was having writer's block but I hope you like it anyway. More will be coming!

Ⓒ cstar11

Chapter 1


by: Carrie_
Its a dark, cloudy day
Very rainy today.
Tired feelings
It got me kneeling.
Things will get better
As the day goes on.
I promise you as the day gets wetter.
My energy may be gone
But I have the will to do.
Inhale, exhale
I have to continue.
I have to get through the day
One step at a time.
Its not a race.
I don't have much to say
But that doesn't mean the frown is permanent on my face.


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