the little boy

Chapter 1

the little boy by austin frost ,(hope you like it)

by: shaggy42
there once was a little boy who had a messed up family his dad hooked his mother on drugs and his mother did whatever she could to get them he had to fend for his life i was the little boy; i was the little boy who strived for his parents love i was the little boy who only wanted to hold his mothers hand i was the little boy who was proud to esscort my mother through a store as his father left and slowly faded away i was the little boy who would take a bullet for his mother when my father abused my mother i was always there to hold her hand and cry with her now whenever she sees me she cryes because she knows she messed up im the now young man to wipe those tears away and make her smile im the one who refuses to talk to my father because i know my mother had changed for me she wants to be able to see me i dont respect my mother for the things she did and the things we lost as a family i respect her for the effort to make things right my father i wont respect till he turns his life around and atleast tryes to see his family i am the young little boy who loves his mother and would take any pain in place of his family and friends because no matter how much pain you put me through ill always get up and face the world for my family


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