Flight to the North.

A/N: This story is for the story contest, but then I fell in love with writing this, so I might continue if it's good.

I'm not just a typical teenager. I'm on the run, for my life by the way, going to someone who's supposed to save my life. I miss being a normal teenager, going to school, cheer leading, seeing my boyfriend... But all that's changed now.

Chapter 1

Discover Something New.

So this is how it feels like. Being on the run.

What's happening, you ask? Well, let me explain what happened before my life completely changed.

My name is Chloe, I am a 15-year-old high school sophomore. I'm pretty much just a normal teenager like everyone else. I'm also a cheerleader, and I love it. Anyway, the day that changed my life started a little like this.

I woke up that morning feeling sleepy. I got up and did my usual routine: take a bath, pick my clothes, brush my teeth, fis my hair, and sometimes add a little make-up.

The bus arrived so I hopped on and spotted my boyfriend, Zach. He called me and I sat next to him. He's a football player, which is perfect since I'm a cheerleader. "Hey." "Hey Zach." "Excited for the game later?" "You bet I am. I'll be rooting for you!" The conversation went on and on. The team's having a game later, so that means I'll do my cheer leading duties.

Little did I know that I was about to discover something about myself I never knew.

I put on my cheerleader outfit, pulled my hair in a ponytail and added some make-up. I met up with Zach just before the game started. "Hey! Good luck!" "You too!" We shared a quick kiss and he went out to the field with the rest of the team. Little did I know that would be the last time I would ever see him. "Ok, cheerleaders! You're on! Good luck!", I heard the coach say. We got out and started cheering. The plan was to make a pyramid, with me on top, then I would do a cartwheel in the air and land on my hands. As simple as that.

I was at the top of the pyramid now, cartwheel in 3, 2, 1. Everyone was cheering while I did my double-flip. Then I did 3 flips. Then 4. Why can't I stop? Suddenly I blasted off into the air, landed on my hands on the top of the pyramid as planned, but as soon as I touched the top of the pyramid, I blasted off into the air again. Everyone was clapping, thinking this was all in the plan. Which it's not. I heard some of the cheerleaders shouting, "Stop it!", and the coach shouting at me, telling me that's enough. The thing is I couldn't stop.

I landed on the ground with a big crash. "Ouch." I groaned. I must've broken a leg. I had a really bad headache, my vision was blurry. The coach ran to me, yelling "What was that about!". Then he saw my leg. He called 9-1-1 and my parents. Then I blacked out.

I woke up in the hospital. My eyes were slightly open, and I heard my parents talking to the doctor. Then they saw me, so the doctor left for my parents to talk to me. "What happened?" "Are you ok?" "What was that about?" They attacked me with questions, so I told them the whole story.

"Oh dear. I thought this day would never come. Or if it would, not this soon.", muttered my dad. "What?", I asked. They looked at each other then at me. "Chloe, this is really important. Listen carefully. After this, we need to move. Fast." I looked at them with a confused expression. "Chloe, dear, you're not an ordinary teenager. Our family, not a normal family. We all have different powers." "WHAT?", I shouted. "Your dad, he can carry heavy things. As for me, I am a telepath. You usually discover your powers at the age of 18, but you, you're early. That's a bad sign." "So wait, what is my power exactly?" "That experience you had while cheer leading, isn't it obvious? You can fly." "Like Superman?" "Exactly", my dad said laughing. "Wait, you said discovering my powers early is a bad sign. Why, exactly?" My mom started crying. "That means the evil villain and his so-called minions will be after you. There's this prophecy, you see." Seriously? That is so old school, I thought. "Let me just cut it short, the bottom line of the prophecy is: a child that will receive its powers before the maturity age, which is 18 by the way, will be the most powerful hero that could defeat the evil villain. That's why you have to leave once you check out. They'll be after you, to kill you. You have to be on the run." All this is sinking in too fast. "Wait, the most powerful hero?" "Yes." Me? a hero? Suddenly we heard a bang from downstairs. "Chloe, dear, they're here. We packed your bag just in case you would have to leave early. Remember that we love you. Remember this to keep you alive: go north and look for your grandfather, his name is James. He will help you, train you, everything. Goodbye for now, Chloe. We love you." The door suddenly burst open and some weird people wearing black came in, which I guess were the bad guys, and mom did her telepath thing, which I still didn't understand, to buy me some time. I jumped out the window, (ouch), and ran for my life.

I'm currently here, in the Big Apple still going north, to find the grandfather I've never met, running away from the so-called minions, or most importantly, running for my life.

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