Harry Styles Imagine

Harry Styles Imagine

Rochelle, a Directioner, travels from one end of America to the other, to go to a Ed Sheeran concert.
What surprise will be up for her there?
And who will she meet?

Chapter 1

-Friday afternoon-

"Let's go crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun, I know we only met but let's pretend it's love" she sang while listening her ipod on the way home from school.

"Hey." she felt a tap on the shoulder and turned around. It was Danny, her best friend ever since she started school.

"Hey Dan. I'm not in a mood to talk."

"What? You dislike me?"

"Stop being so random, can you? Nah, I'm just thinking of some stuff." Rochelle looked at the ground.

"Hey, you can share with me. Haha." Danny laughs and pat her back.

"It's just some crazy stuff. But I really really don't know what I should do. Dammit."

"So you wanna tell? I know you do, come on." Danny knows her know enough to know that she'll surely say it out. They had been best friends for as long as he remembers.

"Fine. I've got tickets to the Ed Sheeran concert at The Wiltern this coming Monday. But the thing is it's so freaking far and Sherna backed out because her boyfriend wants to bring her out that day. Who's gonna send me there?" Rochelle sulked and kicked the small little stone next to her.

Danny watched the stone roll and fell into the drain at the side of the pavement.

"Hey don't you know The Wiltern is like 38 hours drive away from here? We are in Queensland for God's sake. That is in LA." He said as a matter of fact.

"I know. Sherna picked the date, I didn't know the place is sooooo fcuking far!"

Sherna is Rochelle's older sister. Her boyfriend is seriously always her priority.

"You've got tickets already?" Danny asked, peeking at Rochelle to take a look at her sulking face.

"Yeah I'm really grateful that she bought the tickets but I'm pissed she's blown it. If I'm not going with her than Dad's not gonna let me go to a place 38 hours far! Oh my god, I feel like crying." Rochelle stopped walking and sat on the bench along the pavement.

Danny stopped walking and sat beside her. He looked up the sky and saw that it was going to rain soon.

"Roch, don't get that disappointed yet. What if I drive you there? Remember? I've got licence!" Danny said, smiling.

"But what about school? If it takes 38 hours to drive over, I'll miss school."

"Roch, you know what. Why don't we skip school on Monday together? We'll leave tomorrow night and we'll reach around Monday morning then we can have some rest before we get to the concert!"

That temptation was too great. One day of school doesn't really mean anything right?

"Okay then, anyway Dan, I've got 2 tickets so we can enjoy the concert together! I know you do listen to Ed’s songs!" Rochelle was so happy that her eyes were glistening with excitement.

At that moment in time, the rain started pouring and before Rochelle knew it, Dan crashed his lips onto hers.

It was a passionate one. A kiss in the rain.

"Huh?" Rochelle stepped away from Danny.

"Nah, that was random. Hey come get me!" Danny started running and laughing.

Rochelle loves playing in the rain. She overcome her shock and run after him.

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