Liar Liar (A Christina Grimmie Fanfiction)

Liar Liar (A Christina Grimmie Fanfiction)

Did anyone ever tell you,"Liar Liar,pants on fire?" Well,believe it. You liar liar,playing with fire. Heed these warnings. Sure,I was a liar myself,but you are worse. You play with fire,and don't come cry on my shoulder. Just don't. You've done no good, you liar liar. My name's Christina Grimmie. Yes,I know.. Relax,I know Christina Perri. But you are a liar. Liar liar,don't cry on my shoulder. You play with fire. You know you do. Now go..Leave... Yes,I mean you. You... Liar Liar. Liar Liar.

Chapter 1

How to Survive,knowing SHE had powers.

I had always been a quiet teen. Yes,I said quiet. So I'm known for my singing. Like I care. I always felt the need to just die. So many bullies and tyranious people were around me. Yes,I admit. I'm suicidal. But I have the courage of a good hearted soul to not kill myself. I have been battered,and frozen by the cheerleader's captain, Liz. Liz was quite the pushover. But I knew,that one day,I would defeat her.

I felt my feet suddenly stop. Of course. Liz and her ice powers. Such a drama queen... Anyways,I turned on my torso,seeing her laugh. She had frozen my new boots. My new combat boots. Oh,she was getting it! I felt like I could just attack her! Using my drum sticks,I chipped the ice little by little,chipping it completely and then running to class. Again,I had to deal with Liz. Apparantly,we were partnered up for a project. Ugh,great. Well,she promised she would do half the research.

I'm surprised,she did. She actually kept her promise. I had my notes down,as did she. She had half,I did too. I guess this wouldn't be so bad. Sure,I was an emo chick,and she was the peppy one,but we could still come to a syllogistic end. Well,whatever it is,I hope she hates,I mean,HATE...We're talking want to die... I mean,hate my music. Reason being I was going to play my platinum record while we worked at my house today.

But I always felt...this connection to the paranormal world. I saw all these apparations... And I felt like one too. I walked through three walls this morning,and didn't get hurt. What was going on? Am I haunted? No. I had...superpowers? Ha! Please,if I had a superpower,it'd be a stupid death ray to kill Liz! Then again,I could use this power to my advantage.

But..How do I use this power? Truly! I have no clue! I may be an Honor Roll chick all and all,but I am not THAT smart. I tell you,have you felt invisible? Well,I am. Literally. I can't be seen. That's a nice perk,yes? Well,it was amazing. I loved it.

How do I get rid of Liz?

How do I use this power?

How will I control it?

That,I do not know. Help me out. Seriously,is there an instructions manual to this? I hope so. If there wasn't,then I'd be screwed. Hell,this is bad enough. Liz was trying to freeze my feet again,but she failed,as I suddenly blasted a wind of cold air,and became this bright light. Liz Phair was now dead. Was she? Well,this would enable me to survive.

Now this,this? I was this green-outlined,blue-colored ghoul. I loved it. My eyes were a deep amethyst. And my hair? Oh! The black was midnight! A glorious choice! This was fantastic. Just perfect! I just wish I could control it though...

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