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by: cjcj
So i often hear " i wish there were more guys like you" on here
But there probobly is that guy. The problem is your looking in the wrong places. Ive noticed most girls on here are either a popular and dont know it, or like an emo goth thing. Both of wich are aswsomd. But you see popular girls tend to go for the jocks. Sometimes without knowing they do it. And the goth emo girls go for the badboy got emo boys. But both those kind of boys.will break ur heart. Heres is my social status and how to find it:
Everyone knows and likes me, but dont hang out with me outside of school
Smart, but isnt a nerdy genious.
Not athletic. Maybe built for it, like tall or borad shoulders, but doesnt play.
Kind, duh
Sorta a rebel. Isnt afraid to stand up for what i believe in, but knows when to. Maybe a class president or something, as long as it isnt a popularity thing there
Serious, but can be fun and likes to party
hope this helps XD


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