I want to protect you (a Holes fanfic)

So this story is based off of both the book and the movie Holes. Read it, comment, rate it I don't care but I hope you like it! Also I didn't describe what the main character looks like so I guess you can just picture her however you want.

Chapter 1

Keeping up with the boys

“She’s a girl! No one told me she was a girl!” “It was on the form we sent you.” Said the officer who brought me over. “It said her name was Austin,” “It is Austin!” I interrupted but she ignored me. “Austin is a God dam boy’s name!” “If you looked at the form it specifically stated that she was a female.” The officer said calmly. “Where is that dam form!” the warden yelled throwing papers all over the room until she found my file. “Marles, Austin; Age 14; female.” She said her eyes narrowing. “This is unacceptable you need to take her back.” The warden declared placing her hands on her hips. “We can’t take her back without an official notice and that will take at least a week to file.” “Please ma’am.” I spoke up. “I can’t go back to juvie, let me stay here if you don’t want me to stay because you think I can’t keep up with the other boys then you are dead wrong.” “One week!” she declared pointing a long red nail at me. “If you can’t keep up with the boys I’m filing that form, and there will be no relationships with these boys, I hear anything about you so much as flirting and you’re out of here. Do you understand!” It was a statement not a question but I nodded anyway. She said something to a man standing in the corner and he grabbed me roughly by the arm and led me away.
“You get two sets of clothes, he said tossing me two orange jumpsuits. “and a water bottle.” He growls thrusting one in my hands but it’s not really a water bottle just an old juice container. He continues explaining the rules (I have to dig a hole every day), how the shower tokens work, how often I can go to the bathroom, and even when I can eat. After he finishes he looks over at me and notices I’m still holding my jumpsuits. “Aren’t you going to change?” He asks. “Not with you in here.” I reply confidently. “Like I care what some skinny, undeveloped little girl looks like naked.” He growls. “Maybe you don’t but I’m sure I could make a lovely little case out of it.” I say defiantly. He gave me a death stare before heading outside. I quickly change into my jumpsuit. I was informed to bring a white t-shirt and hearing that I was headed to a camp in the middle of the dessert I decided to wear a tank top under my regular clothes. I wished I could just wear my jeans as the jumpsuit was uncomfortable and reminded me of what I was forced to wear in juvie. I stepped outside where Mr. Sir (that was his name) threw my bag at me. It felt half empty. “What happened to all the stuff I had in here.” I asked looking through it finding a few of my favorite items missing. “I confiscated what you’re not allowed to have, don’t worry you’ll get it back before you leave.” I was angry but didn’t say anything I just glared at Mr. Sir. I was used to getting what I wanted from my famous death glares but Mr. Sir just glared back as if I did this to him every day.
I finally stopped what I realized was a worthless attempt when I saw a kind faced middle aged man approach me. “Hi there I’m Mr. Pendanski, if you need to remember it just think pen-dance-key.” I liked him despite the sweltering heat he seemed to be in a pretty good mood. “I’ll lead you to your tent, tent D. Now don’t mind if the boys get too rowdy at first, you’re the first girl to set foot here since the warden.” he said leading me along.
“Well here you are. This is Rex, Alan, Theodore, Ricky, Stanley, and Zero.” He indicted a boy with thick glasses, a boy with large eyes, a large boy who looked very unfriendly, a boy with wild blonde hair, a slightly overweight boy, and a smaller boy with curly hair I got the impression that he was a mute. “Don’t listen to him I’m X-Ray, that’s Squid, Armpit, Zig Zag, and Caveman.” He indicated each boy in turn. “So then his name really is Zero?” I asked pointing to the curly haired by who stared blankly past me. He nodded. “Maybe you didn’t notice Mom but that’s a girl.” Said Squid pointing at me. “Misunderstanding but she might be here for a while so please lets me gentleman here.” Mr. Pendanski showed me where my bed would be then left me alone with the boys. “So what are you in here for baby?” Armpit asked. “Why don’t you tell me why you guys are here first?” I asked. They each proceeded to tell me there stories. X-Ray had been selling oregano and crushed aspirin trying to pass them off as drugs; Armpit was in a fight with two older boys at a movie theatre; Zig Zag accidentally burned down a class room at his old school; Squid would ditch school and steal from his neighbors; Caveman was accused of stealing a pair of shoes which he said he didn’t actually steal (I don’t know how much of his story I believed); and Zero wouldn’t tell me why he was there. I sat down on my bed and recounted my story to the boys. “After I got out of Juvie I got in a fight with my mom, she liked it better when I was gone. She destroyed her car and claimed I did it then she covered herself in purple eye shadow and claimed I hit her. And on top of getting rid of me she got a giant insurance check for the car.” I said. “But how did you end up at a boy’s camp?” Zig Zag asked. “I begged the judge not to send me back to juvie and she found out about an opening here, she didn’t realize it was a boys camp.” “What about the warden, she let you stay?” X-Ray demanded. “She told me if I can’t keep up with you guys after a week I’m out.” They all laughed. “Girl it took me a month before I finished at the same time as everyone else.” Armpit said. “It sure was nice having a girl around here.” Squid said as if I wasn’t there. I’ll show them I’ll keep up with them if it kills me!

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