Before Fame Came, We Were One. [Niall Horan Story]

She slipped the picture into his hands, her fingers slowly lingering from his grasp. Spinning on a heel, she turned her head back to see the color drain from his face. He stared at her as if she was a ghost. He gulped and she winked. With the smirk of the devil painted on her face, she slithered through the glass doors; the ghost of her glare impaled in his memory.

Chapter 1

Because...I Can't Tell You.

"Agh! Why are you acting so protective?" I yelled to his face, the fierce winds blowing my curled, strawberry blonde hair flying all over my face, "Why, Niall, why?! Why the hell are you acting like my father?"
"I'm just watching out for you! Your not careful enough, you're going to get hurt!" He yelled back, as if I didn't appreciate the feeling of protection he gave me, though sometimes it was overwhelming and irritable.
"I'm not dumb, Niall! I'm not some stupid girl, I can watch out for myself! I'm thinking responsibly on my own! Why did you have to embarrass me in front of him?!"
"Because, Holly! Because.....," He trailed off.
"Because what?!" I replied.
"I can't tell you!" He yelled. I breathed in heavily, and stood up straight in anger.
"I....I hate you!" I scream, and could see Niall's face twist into anger and pain. I ran from him, my yellow converse carrying me all the way to my house, the wind slapping my bare legs. I could hear his footsteps chasing not far behind me. Opening the door, I ran through as the wind threw my door opened. Grabbing it and slamming it shut, I placed my head on it.
"Holly, open the door!" Niall yelled, banging on the hard wood.
"No!" I screamed far too loudly. I heard a crash and ran to my window. The wind had blown a tree over, and I realized it was dangerous for Niall to be outside. He kept banging on the door, angered that his best friend could do such a thing to him. His birthday was in 3 days. He'd turn 16, and which always made me giggle because I was already 16, as of 1 month ago. I unlocked the door and waited for Niall to come bursting in.

There was the sudden feeling of hands grabbing the sides of my face, and something sweet against my lips. Niall's whole body was pushing me back. Walking towards the wall, we never broke the kiss. It deepened a step, and I was in-between him and the wall. I felt.....sparks? Electricity? No, that wasn't nearly close to explaining it. Grenades. I felt like someone had thrown a grenade in-between us and the fire ignited between our lips. His hands slid down to my neck, cupping each side. I felt a sudden but mini weight fly off my neck. Niall pulled away first.
"That's what I needed to tell you." He whispered, our faces inches apart. Breathing in, I began to contemplate everything that had happened.
"Niall....." I trailed off. The blood began to rush from his face, and he began to explain.
"You don't have to believe me when I say this, but, eh...I love you. I really do love you, Holly. Ever since year 7. That's why." there was another crash, and the lights began to dim. It wasn't long before the electricity went out. The only light was coming from the windows. I couldn't hide the smile on my face, but I grabbed Niall's hand and walked to the kitchen counter. I turned my mothers old radio on:

"Well, folks. The power has seemed to been knocked out in houses all over Mullinger. Roads are closing, everyone, 'yer highly advised to stay put in 'yer houses. This here freakish wind storm is far too dangerous to be out in." Slamming my hands on the off button, I turned back to Niall to talk about the matter here at stake.

Looking at him square in the eyes, he awkwardly pulled himself closer to me so I was once again pushed between him and part of my house.
"Niall...I really liked you in year 7." I whispered, "but after that...I guess I convinced myself that I wasn't good enough. Truth is, I still love you."
Niall smiled brightly and kissed me again. This time, lifting me up to the counter. I felt his ridged hands slide up and down my bare legs.
"Does this mean you're my girlfriend?" He asked. Smiling brightly at him, I leaned in for a quick kiss.
"Absolutely." Niall fist-pumped the air before giving me a huge bear hug. He turned for the door, picking up his backpack.
"What? Where are you going?" I said shocked, running after him.
"Back to my house.." He said in an obvious tone.
"No! You heard the weatherman. You're sleeping here tonight." I blurted. Since I was more than his best friend, my cheeks blushed and he grinned.
"Is that a good idea?" he questioned.
"Unless you want to be a c-nt and get blown into a tree??" I replied, dragging him over to the couch.
"What about your mom?" Why did he have to keep asking questions??
"Remember? She's out on business?" I said with a smirk on my face.
"Paisley?" My older sister was sleeping over at her friend's.
"Gone." He grinned.
"So it's just you and me?"
"YES!" I shouted, running to the couch. I stretched out and lied down. He grabbed a snack from the counter and sat down next to my feet. I felt goosebumps erise on my body.
"You look cold." Niall stated the obvious.
"Yeah...since the powers out, I think the air conditioning is broken. Dammit." I spat. He sat me up.
"Here." He said, getting up and grabbing a blanket for the both of us from the laundry.
"I'm sleepy." He fake yawned, hiding the smirk on his face. I patted down next to me.
"Come on over." He lied down, pulling the blanket over me. I felt him awkwardly wrap his arms around me, and place his neck in my head. It was different from our 'best friend cuddling' because now there's something at stake. I closed my eyes, and the last words I heard before dosing off into a dreamy sleep were,

"Holly-Mary Clary, you're mine."

“I'd rather play with a paper airplane and be called a boy, than to play with a girl's heart and be called a man”


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