I SO want to murder my brother right now.

Chapter 1

I absolutely hate him.

I have never been more pissed off at someone in my whole life. I am constantly getting in trouble for things that HE did. He always gets all the sympathy. He is nothing but a jerk and a bully to me for no reason. I never do anything to him, yet he hates me. Well that's fine. Because I hate him too. I've never loved my brother...or even liked him. I literally have hated him since the day he was born. He makes it impossible for anyone, especially me to like him. I don't are what he says to me anymore. He literally doesn't even care for me. I may not like him, but at least I take the time to be nice to him. But in return I just get hate. He constantly calls me ugly and stupid, and that that's the reason why no one wants to date me. I obviously never listen to that, because I know that's not true. But lately he's just been getting on pretty thin ice with me. I don't know what to do anymore. And once again, I just got in trouble for doing NOTHING and now I'm in my room crying because I don't understand why I deserve this. I know this sounds super mean, but if he were to die right now, I honestly wouldn't care. He is the only person ever that has made me feel bad about myself in just about every way. I can't stand him anymore. I don't understand why I always get to be hated for trying to be nice. I'm absolutely done with him.

Oh and HE JUST BROKE OUR WINDOW!!! MY MOM IS SUPER PISSED NOW. KARMA IS A BIITCH! Serves him right. He needs a taste of his own medicine.


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