The Diary of Sister Sarcasm. (Like I want you to read about this chick....)

The Diary of Sister Sarcasm. (Like I want you to read about this chick....)

So case you haven't got the alarming message.....

Alright this site isn't a dictatorship, a monarchy, or under a communist government. Its basically a direct democracy. (6th grade social studies 101!) If you just so happened to not read the title....the majority of the "participating" Quibblo peeps....wanted to know what this chick does in her time off of Quibblo. OH! A dude named Nyao is also a part in this. You'll find the panda interesting. ;) He does his entries in italics.

Chapter 28

Spring a.k.a Winter break, COMMENCE!!

Well, despite my last update, my life has actually picked up greatly. the way you probably read "life" you've probably registered the thought that "I am having the hardest life".

Explain Nyao. He's missing out on one of the world's best people. ^_^ And Kallie is one of them. Oh well. But dude....about two Sundays ago, Nyao tried to be all apolegetic to me at church...(first off, that's an insult to my pride and his...second...isn't St. Thomas More a CHURCH!!?1??! Not a marriage counseling clinic or something?) one of the best sessions I ever had there though. I just felt the holyiness of our good CHRISTIANITY that day.. But it was awkward though....Nyao got baptized, and then afterwards, he asked me how I felt about me and him now.

I told him, "Look Nyao. You have a lot of bravery to come up to me right now, especially after what I did to you. (What I did to him was not be worthy of what I had done to his eye and iMac and Xbox. let's just say, a demolition ball would do less damage) And I will definitely respect you for that Nyao. And I seriously thought that would teach you something. But I guess it didn't go the way I thought. But at least you're not begging me to get back with you. But if you are...there are a LOT of things you can get with that dazzling, gorgeous face and body of yours in this world...maybe even your charm might naturally kick in, but I would rather be raped by Justin Bieber and get thrown off the Grand Canyon than be considered your girlfriend again. But I will admit one thing, Nyao Ngwatinai, whenever I see your name or face or even think about you, my stomach has butterflies but I'm not going to be so stupid and fall for the same trick again. See, your love is so fake, I can see why China rejected its "Made In China" brand on your neck. Because it's bad enough that I have to hold back tears when I listen to my favorite songs because they remind me of you. And no one on this EARTH has the right to take away my love for Kpop. Especially not even the scum that are lower than the crud off my shoe. Have a nice day, regretting about what you did to the best thing that has happened to you so far, you pusscake."

I thought it was the most epic combination of words man has ever created....but THAT...was ruined by the crappiest reaction EVAR!!!!

Nyao grabbed me into a hug. :S I had a Kristen Stewart face on....then that turned into fury. So I pushed his Asian ass offa me and gave him the second most infuriated look. Then I said loudly...I didn't yell but I made Nyao know that I wasn't playing around. "WWJD, bruh?" And I brushed my body off as if I could've gotten some conatgious phlegm from his body. I scowled at him, then turned on my heel to go back to Sunday School. life needs a hug from God. I'd like to have one. I mean He would be materializing out of nowhere and show up with a bottle of water and then say, "Come come Kallie...." and then we have a meaningful, warm hug.

And that there, my friend....isnt something you hear everyday. "Hey, breff, guess who I just got a hug from?"
Dumbass friend: "Who? My Mother?"

Now what else is there to talk about????? Well, I can not wait for high school. I can officially become a student at the best school in Kentucky. Middle school just sucks tremendous balls. I already have an idea of what classes I
m going to take! All AP/Honors classes....yeah muddafvcka.

Speaking of school, ironically, I'm loving it more and more as the year comes into a close. Don't ask why. I've always loved school, not just for the friends and the good adventurous times I manage to sneak in....but that feeling when you just sat in a chair in took in a bunch of information to learn. Call me a nerd but I love to learn. Dude, I would literally read a book about world history that's about four inches thick and pull an all-nighter reading it. And I call it light reading. ;) And that my friend....happened not only two weeks ago. if school doesn't chew out my schedule enough. I have friggin choir to practice for, I volunteer at the hospital three days a week, I have to go to church three days a week, have specialized sessions of fangirling, and THEN do homework? I shouldn't be complaining now...I haven't even threw myself completely in high school's misadventures. God help me with college. Ech....and I want to become a doctor? Psh.

Can I be frank with you about something? Yes yes....another Oprah moment. Oh well....nobody's forcing you to read this. Except that scythe up against your neck. o.O You know how you told this incredibly petty lie that's so cleverly planned you even fooled your parents and sometimes yourself? You feel all that guilt and heart wrenching dirtiness that are both side effects from telling fibs? And it makes it worse that you somehow impress yourself that you are SUCH a good liar? I mean, you have impeccable acting, great backup plans, and even planned out every scenario? And then something goes a a fraction of a degree wrong and then you awry? And then afterwards, that sickening feeling in your stomach grows and grows and grows until it consumes up your abdomen to a point those butterflies in your stomach transform into nagging termites that eat you from within? And despite all that going on in your abdomen, you just keep on shooting out them lies as if you think you're the grand secret keeper of Area 51? Yep....some of us have been there, if not all of us.

However...after all that sinning you've done to your've decided to grow a pair and just have a crapload of confessions. And then after you've gone through about ten deodorants from all the nervous sweating, at the end of the day....all them burdens of LIES have been lifted off your chest. You become SO proud of yourself, and that you'll persuade yourself that you'll never go down that road again. Cuz lying is just so petty and so insignificant. And that is probably one of the greatest feelings in the world....besides popping bubble wrap and watching Kai grab his crotch. :S

I just had to ruin the deep, powerful moment with such an unorthodox comment. Oh well, should have seen it coming...from the King of Trolls.

Dude....about three hours prior to me typing this...I finished watching Evil Dead. You know that movie I'm talking about? Of course you do. I went to go see it. Of course I would suggest it to you if you weren't faint of heart. I loved it! It wasn't scary at all. More like...creepy. Make me cringe a couple times but that's it. I was mostly laughing my bvtt off. If you haven't heard of the movie if you live in a different country, watch the preview. And let's just say, you'll never look at your tongue again. :D

Basically if you like the Exorcist, Sinister, The Hills Have Eyes, or even'll love this movie. Cuz I did. (Of course I did)

Now while you puke your intestines out from watching that like the sissy you are, I will be on Tumblr and YouTube...fangirling my soul out

Toodles.....and sorry for the late update, bruh. Couldn't think of what to actually put down.

I shall now ride my llama to Seoul and cry over EXO's nonexistent comeback. * over exaggerates crying*

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