The shinigami and his Hollow (Ichigo and Hichigo One-shot)

~I have no idea why I made this but I'm quite proud XD Enjoy rate and comment~

Chapter 1

Slowly Breaking bit by bit

by: Seeha
"Understand this King."

His voice echoed in my head.

"Your mine now,"

Images of him flashed through my mind.

"Whether you like it or not." he chuckled, licking my hot skin with his cold tongue.

I shivered, remembering how it trailed up my throat.

"Never forget that."

I rolled over on my side.

how could I let this let this get this far?... I closed, my eyes knowing I would see him.


I stood there a slight breeze ruffling my hair.

Where is he? I thought.

"Miss me?" His voice sent shivers down my spine.

I turned, but I was a moment too late.

He had me on my back, straddling my waist, holding my wrists in one hand, then he took his sword with his other hand and stabbed it through the building a few inches above my head then tied my hands with the cloth tightly.

I glared at him, gritting my teeth.

He just merely chuckled. "Oh King," He stroked, my cheek with his thumb. Almost affectionately. Keyword almost.

"Get the h3ll off of me!" I growled,

He laughed "Who's gonna make me huh? Surely not you!" he leaned over my face, trailing his hands down my sides then stopped under my ribcage. He smirked, pulling on the fabric of my shirt with both hands, "Let's get rid of this shall we?" with a swift tug it ripped cleanly off, exposing my torso.

"bast-!" I cut off when I saw the look in his eyes, I know that look! my eyes widened, has he licked his lips a predatory lust in his eyes.

He grinned widely noticing the fear in my eyes "I'll be gentle, if you behave," he purred the last two words. I blushed, gulping as he brushed his lips against mine his hands sliding down to the hem of my pants then up my stomach.

I shivered enjoying the sensations, "Your mine now." that sentence brought me back to my senses, making my blood boil. I jerked my head to the side.

"No! Stop!" I heard him growl, his fingers grabbed my chin roughly jerking it back to face him. I met his blazing glare with mine, then he smiled and not in a good way. It was filled with a sinful promise.

I shook my head fiercely, repeating 'I'm sorry' over and over again.

"Shut up and enjoy it my little shinigami." he cooed.


Hichigo's point of view

I stroked my King's hair, undoing the bonds that held his hands together. He immediately rolled onto his side. I pulled him close pressing my cold, slightly sweating chest to his sweaty, hot, tan one.

I gazed into his half-lidded, brown eyes. "You know you'll break sooner or later." I whispered, licking the shell of his ear gently. Anger sparked in his eyes but faded quickly, as he let a quiet gasp out.

I traced his lips with a finger watching as it took more and more effort for him to keep his eyes open. "Sleep well my King." I nuzzled his hair, breathing his scent in deeply. No matter how hard you try, I kissed the side of his neck watching as he slowly disappeared. I will break you.


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