To Be A Master~A Pokèmon Fanfic

To Be A Master~A Pokèmon Fanfic

Riley Ketchum is the unknown cousin of Ash Ketchum. When Professor Oak gives him a Pokèdex, he feels like he's expected to live up to his famous relative, not thinking of all the family feuds that could cause, or how Misty and Brock, who are Gym Leaders again, will now think of them.

And he doesn't think about Team Rocket. He's actually quite oblivious to them. At least, he is until they force him to join them. Then Giovanni tells him that he can only quit if he takes Ash's Pikachu.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"Riley! You better come downstairs! You do want your Pokèdex, don't you?" my mother yells from the kitchen.

"I'll be right down!" I yell back. I adjust my cap–one that looks just like Ash's.
Besides the hat, we look very different. He has really dark hair and eyes, when I'm a blue-eyed blonde. I wonder if we'll be different when it comes to battling.
Probably. Well, I have to be strong like him. I'll have to train, train, train. I mean, he's my cousin. People will expect me to live up to him. I sigh. I already have a rival, technically. My own cousin.

I rush downstairs, holding my red bag. I go right to the window and look across the street, to Professor Oak's. I already see him, and two other boys. One of them is his grandson, Gary.
Gary has always annoyed me. I'm not sure why, he just does. Maybe the fact that he has cheerleaders that always follow him around like sheep is what ticks me off. They're the sheep and he's the sheep dog. I'm not confronting him though. Then he'll assume I'm jealous, which I honestly am not.

I leave the house, just hoping that I'm not late to Oak's. That would be embarrassing. Starting off my journey by being late to get my Pokèdex.
Luckily, I'm not late. I'm just on time.
"Riley! There you are! Happy to see you!" greets Oak.
I smile and wave to him, then look around. At my rival. And Gary.
Gary catches me looking and walks over.

"You're Ashy-Boy's cousin, aren't you?" Gary asks me.
"Yes. The name is Riley. Riley Ketchum."
"Well, listen, Riley. I'm stronger than you and your cousin combined. So don't frolick around in Viridian Forest singing about how you have strength. Because even if you ev—"
Gary rolls his eyes. "No! Edward over there is," he says, pointing to the other boy.

Edward has fiery red hair and huge brown eyes. He's watching two of Oak's Combee fly around a large tree.

I go over and introduce myself to Edward.
"Hi. I'm Riley. Cousin of Ash Ketchum. You've probably heard of him. Well...I guess you're the one, huh? My rival."
Edward turns away from the Combee. "Oh. Yeah. I know your cousin."
He doesn't sound interested in the slightest bit. I sigh and go back to Oak, eager to get my hands on the Pokèdex.

I walk into Oak's lab, and see a table with three Pokèballs on it. I grin. I get first choice!
"Well, Riley, pick your Pokèmon!" Oak tells me.
I already know which one I want.
"CHARMANDER! That's what I'll have!" I say to Oak.
"Well, here's your Pokèmon. I just have to go get your Trainer Card and Pokèdex..." Oak murmers, handing me the pokèball.

It doesn't take long for him to get the items. As soon I receive them, I just stare at the blank Pokèdex, not caring that it's empty. Because it's also mine.
Then, Professor Oak tells me to sign the back of my card, and gives me a blue pen. I write, in big letters, RILEY KETCHUM, then hand Oak his pen back.

"Now, I know you want to go out and battle Gym Leaders and other Trainers right now, but you need to go to a PokèMart first. You know what that is, right?" asks Oak.

I nod. Of course I know!
"And go to your mom first...say goodbye. She'll appreciate that," Oak smiles.
I think he says something else, but I'm already out the door, and running over to my house.
Pokèmon training, here I come!, I think excitedly as I go inside.

"Mom? I just got my Pokèmon and everything…I guess I'm ready to go," I say as soon as I walk through the door.
My mom turns around. She has a pair of sneakers in her hand. My Running Shoes.
"Be safe...and take these. And if things don't go the way you're planning, you can come home. If you need a break come home. Call me about Badges and new Pokèmon and–"
I cut my mom off. "YES. I WILL."
She sighs. "Try to meet up with Ash. You don't have to stalk him or travel the entire region with him, but try to get together at some point. He can help you with things. And remember, his friends Misty and Rock are Gym Leaders again. They–"
I cut her off again. "I know. And his name is Brock. With a B," I correct her.
My mom laughs. "That's what I meant. Now, go off and explore Kanto with your Charmander!"
I nod, then run out the door. Right into Edward.

"Well. It's you, Riley. Guess you're ready to explore the region? Well too bad you have to battle me first."

I grin. My first match! I can handle this. Even if Edward has chosen a Squirtle—I don't know yet.
So, of course, I accept.
It turns out that Edward has a Bulbasaur! This will be easy!

"…Vine Whip attack!" I hear Edward say. Then I realize he was talking to his Pokèmon, not me.
Vine Whip takes 3 of my Pokèmon's HP points. Hardly any damage. I grin.
"Use...ember!" I order my Charmander.
That takes 7 of the Bulbasaur's HP.
Grass is weak to Fire! I think. I realize then that Charmander and Bulbasaur already know Ember and Vine Whip. That's unusual. But I don't care, it's an even bigger advantage for me!

Just as I predicted, I win the battle, and receive some Pokèdollars.
Edward glares at me and murmurs something about beginner's luck. Aren't you a beginner, too?, I want to ask. But I don't. That might not go over well.
Edward stomps over back to his house. (Why? Doesn't he want to start his adventure?) I head in the other direction, to Route 1.
The first route to training!

As soon as I step out of Pallet and onto the road, there's a change in the air. I hear cries of Pokèmon. I've been out of Pallet before. But this is different.
I actually (slightly) go out of my way to avoid Trainers, because my Pokèmon needs to be healed.

Luckily, I don't run into Trainers, and get to Viridian City safely. My first stop is the PokèCenter.
Nurse Joy heals my Pokèmon, and wishes me good luck.

My next stop is the PokèMart. There's a Gym here, but this Gym's Leader is actually the strongest. I need to go to the weakest. Brock. And Brock is strong, just weak for a Gym Leader.
I'm suddenly nervous.

Kinda short and boring, but it's just a starter-chapter. The next ones will be long and exciting, especially once we get introduced to Team Rocket! And the Gym Battle chapters will probably be cool!


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