This is a story written by RainyRomantic and me, and 'tis fantasy :) Hope you guys like it.

Chapter 1


by: Northe
Lethilah's PoV

I shivered for the fifteenth time in the past twenty steps. The wind kept blowing back my hood, the snow forming white crystals in my hair.

"You gettin' cold there, Lethi?"

I smiled at my traveling partner, a dwarf. He looked back, his brownish-black beard icy and full of snow.

I caught up with him, holding my dark red cloak closer to my lithe body. "Never in a million years, Forrind."

He started stepping with pride, a grin on his face. "Yes, but you wish you had as much hair as me, don't ya?"

I laughed. "No, my dear friend. Not at all. I imagine I'd look like an odd elf...."

Forrind hit me playfully on my arm, knowing I was freezing. "Yes, I forgot you elves are very vain."

I smiled. "Other elves may be, but not me."

That's what our conversations were consisted of. Playful bantering, poking fun, and making jokes. Forrind knew I didn't want to talk about the past. My past. It was an unpleasant place to visit, as the past usually is.

The wind blew back my hood again, blasting me in the face with a new wave of white crystals.


He looked back. "Yes, lassie?"

"Are we almost at a place to stop? We've been traveling for two days now..."

Forrind slowed his pace, letting me catch up to him. "Of course. I'll look for a cave."

There was a cave, about thirty paces from us. It took what felt like a long time to get there, but we did. The ground was covered in snow, rocks, and debris. Forrind kicked some of the snow away, clearing a space to sleep. He sat against the wall, and I sat down next to him, leaning on him.

I closed my eyes, and curled into a ball, my head in his lap. "Forrind?"

"Yes, lassie?"

My voice was quieter, barely audible above the howling of the wind. "Am I ever going to find my family?"

He was quiet. He didn't say anything for a few moments, then he started singing an old, ancient dwarven lullaby.

Rest your head, o tired one,
Let your troubles fall.
For when you wake,
You'll see the break,
Of the beautiful dawn.

Rest your eyes, o little one,
Dream of what you will.
For I am here, as I always am,
To protect you from those who condemn.

I fell asleep listening to Forrind's deep voice singing the lullaby, as the words were repeated and slowly faded as I slipped into the arms of sleep and rest.

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