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Hey guys!! I'm writing a story with kayladawnxoxo who is my best friend, in real life so READ THE STORY OR BE PUNISHED. Haha joking, but still, please read. It's about a girl named Blake and she's always on this website talking to a guy that she thinks is her age, but is that the truth?

Chapter 1

Teen Talk

Blakes POV
"Stop it! Cut it out!!!" I shouted at jayden.
I was trying not to laugh while yelling, but I was failing. I swear Jayden wasn't breathing at all, because of how hard he was laughing. We were out for a walk and we had just grabbed some ice cream, which was melting uncontrollably. I couldn't eat it because jayden was laughing at me, which made me laugh, which meant the ice cream was spilling all over me. It was dripping over the sides and I couldn't stop laughing long enough to eat it. "Here, let me help," jayden offered, taking the ice cream out of my hands. 
He dumped it on top of my head. My jaw dropped. "You are such an asshole!" I laughed. 
He started to run, and I chased after him. He was running down to the dock, out on the big river. "If you wanna kill me, you have to catch me first!" he yelled over his shouldered he jumped into the water.
I leaned on the railing, not jumping after him. "Oh c'mon, a little chicken, are we?" he teased.
"Just because you had to jump into a freezing cold river doesn't mean I am."
"Oh, is that your excuse?" he said sarcastically.
I sighed, standing up on the railing, ready to jump. "I hate you Jayden Mitson."
I jumped in too. We were laughing at random things and splashing each other. Eventually, we got out, after I managed to get all the vanilla ice cream out of my hair. We hopped on our bikes and started heading towards our street. The advantage of having Jayden as a best friend was his house was on the next street over, pretty much a five minute bike ride. We stopped outside my house. "Oh crap, I forgot we have a test tomorrow!!" he exclaimed.
"Ha ha." 
"Do you remember the pages we had to study?"
"Nah, just go on teen talk tonight."
Teen talk was a website that I loved to go on. It was like a social networking site, you had your own profile and everything. "Okay." he smiled.
I loved how me and Jayden never got old. We have always been friends, really close friends. I waved as he took off down the street.
I walked inside, just as my brother was coming down the stairs... With a suitcase? "Whats this?" I asked nervously.
"Sorry Blake. I have to leave earlier than I thought."
"That's not fair Nathan!! You told me you were here for two weeks!" I sighed.
He set down the suitcase and walked over to me, wrapping his arms around me. "I know kid. But I have to go."
I hated the thought of Nate going to college. It wasn't fair, not to me anyway. I knew he deserved it, but still. He was my best friend, aside from Jayden. He was more of a parent to me than my mom or dad ever had been. Not that I ever had a dad at all, he skipped out when I was 1. Mom, well.... Let's just say she was fond of alcohol."Fine. Don't forget about me while your having fun in college and im stuck here one." I said flatly.
He laughed. "'Course not."
He grabbed the suitcase and placed it by the door. He gave me one more good bye hug and kissed me on the top of my head before leaving. I headed upstairs into my room and changed into something completely dry. 
I logged onto teen talk. I saw jayden was online. I started typing:
BlakelyGirl: Hey.
JayJaykid: Hey, what's going on? :)
I told him how Nate left for college.
JayJaykid: so soon? Thought he had 2 weeks?
BlakelyGirl I thought so too!! >.<
We talked for a bit, and I gave him the hints for the math test. He logged off, but out of Boredom I stayed online.  
My notification box dinged. I opened it. 
Rockstars141 has sent a friend me request. Do you wish to accept?
I didn't recognize the username, but that happened sometimes. Someone would come across my profile and randomly ask to be friends, even though I didn't know them.
Well, why not? I clicked yes.

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