Chaos in Ikebukuro

Chapter 1

And it happened Ikebukuro

That's all I can think as I gaze around the city. large.
That's for sure. Since the city is apart of Tokyo, you could imagine that the city was bustling and had more buildings than you could count.
Oh and by the way, my name is Sanra Senehera, age 23. I moved here for a whole different life, and I knew that I would find one here. I mainly wanted to move here because of the famous groups called The Dollars and the Yellow Scarves and because of Izaya Orihara. Izaya Orihara sells information for money. Once you meet him and tell him your name, all he needs is a few clicks on the mouse to make your life a living h^ll. Honestly, I admire him for that because who could be that intelligent to do that?
You see, I am also an information broker, where I sell information to people in exchange for money. I know everything about everyone. Everyone's dirty little secrets through none other than the internet itself. Illegal? Yes. Entertaining? Yes.
Even though I am an informant, I don't exactly know how to find my way around the crowded city.
"Excuse me," a smooth voice said as I felt a hand on my shoulder, "you seem lost. Do you need any help?" I turned around to see a man wearing a furry coat, gray pants, and a smirk. I knew this style and this voice anywhere. He didn't even need to say his name because I knew it already.
"My name is Izaya Orihara, information broker."

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