Me!!! (repost)

i reposted..... :D.....

Chapter 1

well... yeah... about me!...

Height: 5'2
Shoe Size: US: who knowz and who carez.....
S*xual Orientation: normal..... u kno.... i like guyz..... but i dont want a boyfriend

Do you Smoke: Nop
Do you Drink: Nop
Do you Take Drugs: Nop

Age you get mistaken for: 14
Real age: 12
Have Tattoos: no

Got any Piercings: No
Want any (more) piercings: i think they're sorta emo and well.... boring...

Relationship status: single

Favorite Movie: the mummy 2/3
A fact about your personality: honest and trustworthy.
What I hate most about myself: stupid about the whole trusting thing!
What I love most about myself: friendly, trustworthy and honest.
What I want to be when I get older: lecturer

My relationship with my parents: daddy's lil' girl but closer to mum.....typical!
What I hate the most about school: EXAMS AND HOMEWORKZ...... ughhhh

What my last text message says: widd???....
What words upset me the most: nothing.... im used to almost all the wordz....
What words make me feel the best about myself: "i trust you".... :P
A wish that I've wished for repeatedly: To have a cat!!! meaw?

Where I would like to live: dreamland (if there is a land)
My childhood career choice: teacher!
My favorite ice cream: Chocolate
Who I wish I could be: Myself
Where I want to be right now: somewhere alone with my laptop and a nice scent! :P
The last thing I ate: mini croissant with chocolate inside

Favorite band: anything other than one direction
Three favorite male artists: Alvin, Theodore and Simon (from alvin and the chipmunks if u haven't noticed)
Three favorite female artists: Hannah Montana, Taylor Swift and the chipets
Artist with the most influence on my life: Michael Jackson

Favorite color: pink, blue, yellow, black.
Favorite animal: kittens and chipmunks
Favorite hair color: brown
Favorite gender: both....


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