Me :]


Chapter 1

Yeah, about me.......

Height: 5'3
Shoe Size: US: IDK!! Lol! I don't live in the U.S.
S*xual Orientation: Female (I guess that's what is asked, lol)

Do you Smoke: NO
Do you Drink: NO
Do you Take Drugs: NEVER

Age you get mistaken for: 12
Real age: 14
Have Tattoos: No

Got any Piercings: Yes
Want any (more) piercings: No
Relationship status: Single

Favorite Movie: Home Alone
A fact about your personality: I am very friendly
What I hate most about myself: I take too much tension
What I love most about myself: I always confront and fight for the right. LOL!
What I want to be when I get older: Scientist (Physicist) Not confirmed.

My relationship with my parents: Very good with my mom but very messed up with dad, I wanna send Hyper Active apes after him! >:P
What I hate the most about school: LOADS of homework
What my last text message says: "My heart goes shalalalala!"
What words upset me the most: Bullying, Hate, useless, anger, etc!
What words make me feel the best about myself: Funny, Hilarious, Sweet, kind, intelligent, etc! Lol!
A wish that I've wished for repeatedly: I don't feel like saying but to "get the highest marks in the class in MATHS".

Where I would like to live: Paradise
My childhood career choice: Doctor
My favorite ice cream: Butterscotch cornetto
Who I wish I could be: Myself (But I want Shakespeare's mind, hehe)
Where I want to be right now: A place surrounded with hills, in a valley! :)
The last thing I ate: Chocolate cookie

Favorite band: I equally love One Direction, Linkin Park and Train!
Three favorite male artists: MICHAEL JACKSON, Eminem, Enrique
Three favorite female artists: Shakira, Rihanna, Beyonce
Artist with the most influence on my life: Michael Jackson

Favorite color: Purple (I love all clours, though)
Favorite animal: Koala Bear (But i love every animal)
Favorite hair color: Brown
Favorite gender: Genders equal for me! ;)


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