If I'm Louder(A Niall Horan Love Story)

#Directioners: the story begins pre-xfactor, kay?
Anywho, this is the character c:

Name: Hope
Age: 14
Looks: long, dark brown curly hair, brown eyes, pale skin w/freckles, an inch shorter than Niall.
Personality: shy until you know her, comedic, a bit spastic, and most definitely Irish :D

Chapter 1

Come Back For Me?

by: Hopey_xD
"Niall, wait!" I yelled as he stepped into the train station to leave.

"Hope, I've got to go.." he said quietly, turning toward me.

I caught up with him and stood in front of him, grabbing his shoulders.

"Niall..write, or..call..anything..please?" I asked, tilting his chin up.

"I will, I promise." he said quietly, tears forming in his beautiful blue eyes.

"Go live your dream, Ni." I said, reaching up to his face and gently brushing away the tears that had started sliding down his cheeks.

"I will..I'm gonna miss you." he said, looking right into my eyes.

"I'll miss you too. Look, you're gonna miss your train, come on." I said, looking away from his hypnotizing gaze.

I pulled him along by the wrist as he dragged his suitcase behind him. We finally reached the platform and he turned to face me.

"Hope, I.." he started, reaching to my face.

"Niall..you need to go.." I said, trying to leave his gaze, no matter how I felt..How I'd always felt about him.

Before I could say anything else, Niall's arms were around my waist in a tight hug. So I moved mine to sit around his neck and I buried my face in his hoodie.

"Hope, here." he said, pulling off the jacket and handing it to me. "To remember me while I'm gone." he finished.

"Ni, I'm not gonna forget my best friend.." I said, giggling.

"You better not after this." he said, pulling me in again.

"What're y-" I started, getting cut off by Niall pressing his lips to mine. Just a little kiss. Enough to remember, so we'd both have something to look forward to when..if..he came back...

"The hoodie's to keep you warm. The kiss, that was to keep your heart warm." he said, reaching up to touch my face justt before stepping onto the train and waving as it rolled out of the station, off to London.

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