Zuko/OC One-Shot

Zuko/OC One-Shot

After running away from her abusive father, mute Amuran lands in the Avatar world. . . in the fire nation. She lives her life as a prisoner until she became powerful enough to escape. After two long years, she is "captured" by Prince Zuko's men and thrown in a cell until she explains why she is there. Her being mute, she couldn't anyway.

Chapter 1


by: Kalhat
Amuran's eyes snapped open as a heavy metal door banged shut, and she sat bolt upright, scanning her surroundings. She was in a metallic cell of some sort with a small window just under the ceiling, and it was very dark.
“How did you get here?” a voice demanded, making her turn her head to the arrogant Prince. She looked at him slightly before turning away and stretching, popping her back. She ignored him for a few moments, before Zuko’s fist slammed against the cell. “Why won’t you tell me!?” She didn’t even flinch. The perks of knowing your favorite anime characters. She glanced at him slightly before pulling herself closer to the bars. She grasped them tightly and smoke erupted from her hands before she pulled away, leaving some burnt and dented hand-marks in the bars.
Zuko’s eyes showed mild shock, considering he was trying to keep his cool. “Fine! If you don’t want to tell me, then you don’t get food, or water for another day!” He stormed angrily out of the room and Amuran slid herself against the wall just next to the cell’s bars.
Another day passed, and Zuko had come back, demanding answers. She just gave him a look and he huffed, steam coming out of his nose. He stormed out once again
Another passed and it was the same ordeal. Zuko would demand answers, Amuran would ignore him, Zuko would leave, and Amuran wouldn’t eat, drink, or sleep. Amuran was currently leaning against the bars, when she heard the door opened. The thing was, it didn’t slam shut like she expected it to. She turned slightly to the little light of the candle that was held in an old hand.
“Hello, young one,” Iroh greeted shutting the door slowly, not making much noise. Amuran turned fully, her hands on the bars. “You are a very powerful bender. Better than even I am. How have you come to this?” Amuran pushed her hands through the bars and crossed them while crossing her ankles. She leaned her dirty face on the bars and he chuckled slightly. “Here, have some calming Jasmine Tea.” He poured two cups of tea and handed one to her. She smiled lightly at the old man before she and Iroh raised their cups and sipped the drink.
“Tell me young one, why don’t you speak? You know Zuko speaks much about you.” Iroh rose his eyebrows and Amuran smiled with a slight blush. She then moved her hair to the side revealing two vertical cuts on the left side of her face. “Who would do such a horrible thing!?!” Iroh asked touching the scar on her face. She only looked down before she held her hand face level, palm up, and held it close to her eye.
Iroh frowned. “Your father? Why?” she gestured toward her chest and his frown depended. “He didn’t want a girl, but a boy?” she nodded slowly before gesturing to her eye once again then making a “quiet” motion. “And you’ve stayed quiet ever since.”
Amuran sat on the ground, cross-legged in front of the old man. “I’m sorry, young one.” Amuran stared at the ground in between the two and sipped her tea. It did calm her, to an extent, but she still felt on edge. She didn’t trust people easily, but she whole-heartedly trusted Iroh. He was like a father-figure to her in the shows, and he didn’t change when she arrived. A lone tear escaped her eye as she finished the cup, and she slid it back to Iroh before standing once again and taking her place, back against the cell’s cold bars.
“Rest, tonight. You will definitely need it.” Iroh left the room, closing the door calmly like he had when he first arrived.
That night, Amuran did sleep, having not had nightmares about the day when she got the scars that were permanently on her eye. She suddenly thought of Zuko, and how he had come to get the mark of “banishment” as she’d like to say. At least he looked handsome to the eyes of just about every girl. Amuran only had sympathizers.
It was a quiet day, hopefully it was, and Zuko had arrived yet again, but instead of slamming the door like he usually did, he closed it like a somewhat-normal person. He didn’t say anything, he wasn’t aggressive, he just stared at her. Not icily like himself, not aggressively, and not glaring daggers like when they first met. His look held confusion, and sympathy, the things that she just couldn’t stand. She moved fast to the bars, and stared at him closely, taking in his facial features.
Zuko flinched in surprise at her quickness and she made a “come here” motion with her finger. Zuko gave her an uneasy look before almost dragging himself closer, slowly and carefully. Amuran rubbed her thumb lightly against the burn on his left eye.
“What are you doing?” he asked pulling away. Amuran grabbed the bars again and closed her eyes. “Listen, I know what it’s like being an outcast and a disappointment to your family.” Amuran rolled her eyes and twitched her head back, revealing the scars against her eye. Zuko instantly moved closer, looking closely at them in shock and slight anger. “Who-“
Amuran touched his eye and his eyes widened. “I-I-” Amuran shrunk back into the darkness of the cell and sat against it, fire bending random shapes with her hand and ignoring the look that Zuko was giving her.


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