How Brutus Won the Hunger Games

My Hunger Games Fanfic. Flashback to when Brutus won the Hunger Games. Comment on what you think and tell me which other Catching Fire victors u want me to POV. :)

Chapter 1

Life of a Career

Read above description before reading story. Thanks!:)


I stroll into the Career Training Centre of District 2, munching a bagel.
Here in the Training Centre, the children of District 2 hack and whack and slice their swords hither nither at training dummies.
At District 2, everyone wants to join the Hunger Games.
I walk up to Enobaria, who is hacking away viciously at a dummy.

"I think Mr Dummy's had enough, let the hovercraft take what's left of him, wont you?" I say, sauntering over.
"Yeah, yeah, very funny, you gonna train or what?" Enobaria growls.
"Ok, ok," i say, and grab a sword from the floor.

Enobaria and I train against each other for a while.
I parry her strikes easily and jerk my sword forward but she will dodge and swing her sword in a clean sweep across my neck that will behead me if i do not duck at the last moment.
CLANG CLANG CLANG goes our swords as they hit each other.
Spending the whole day at the Training Centre is no sweat.
I know i will need to practise hard if i am to win the Hunger Games.

"So are you really going to volunteer at the reapings tomorrow?" Enobaria asks as we do ab-crunches.
"Definitely. You know it's been my dream to enter at 18. I'm gonna be the best daggone tribute out there, you can bet on it." i say, smirking.
"Well, whatever." Enobaria scoffs. "See if i care."
"Oh so you DO care! You're worried for me!" I snicker.
"Oh you did not just go there!" Enobaria yells and she tackles me mid-ab-crunch, but she is smiling all the same.

The next day, I'm up before the sun even rises, my skin crawling with excitement too much for me to get any more shut-eye.
"Today's the day!" I cry with gleeful anticipation as I spoon loads of scrambled eggs onto my brothers' plates.
I have three brothers, Harper, Joe and Emmanuel.
All three mumble incoherently as I dance around the room.
"Come on! Aren't you excited? Your big brother's finally gonna win those games!" I scream giddily into Harper's left ear as he tries to shove me away in annoyance.
"They might not be excited, but I certainly am!" says a voice behind me.
"Whattup, dad?" i say as my old man walks over and gives me an up high-five.
"My boy, all grown-up and set to win the Hunger Games! I'm so proud of you." my dad says, clapping me on the back and smiling proudly.

That day, not even the intense heat of the sun can deter my elation as I bound over happily to the town square.
I barely notice the Peacekeeper pricking my finger, i am too busy looking past her to the stage, trying to see where our district e-scort is.
There he is!
Jimmy Blake, the one and only, dressed in his tip-top suit and yellow wig, smiling down at the crowd assembled before him.
I bound over and take my place in the 18 yr old sections.

"Happy Hunger Games!" Jimmy smiles and flashes us a large grin, which we all return with equal happiness.
But I notice not everyone responds to Jimmy's sincere smile.
Out of the corner of my eye, I notice a 16-yr old brunette, her hair down in two braids, staring fixedly and almost a little coldly at some random spot above Jimmy's head, as if determined to avoid looking at him.
I recognise the symptoms of a Minor.
Minors are nicknames we give to people from Career districts who dont want to be in the Hunger Games.
They are nicknamed as such because everyone knows you've gotta love the Hunger Games to be from a Career district.
The idea of someone from a Career District not loving the Hunger Games is about as absurd as imagining the Capitol using their money to end world hunger. For the children.
I roll my eyes away from the Minor and turn back to Jimmy Blake.

"So, before we begin with the Reaping, we have a very special video brought to you ALL the way from the Capitol."

I zone myself out. I dont need to hear about the history of Panem and stuff like that.
After 6 years of it, i've pretty much already memorized it.

"Now, the most exhilarating part!" Jimmy grins, showing off his brilliant white teeth.
He saunters over and digs around, swishes around the bowl of female tributes before extracting a name.

"Elena Marietta."

I blink in mild surprise as the Minor whom i noticed before walks out, trembling all the way.
"Oh great," i think to myself. "A Minor for a district partner, what an embarrassment to District 2. Wont someone volunteer?"
And almost right on cue, a buff looking girl walks out and says boldly: "I volunteer."

Elena runs back as the new girl walks up to stage proudly.
"Excellent, thank you, Miss...?" begins Jimmy.

"Weather. Monica Weather." the girl growls.
"Well, wonderful, Miss Weather, and may the odds be ever in your favor." gushes Jimmy.
Then he fishes around in the bowl of male tribute slips until he extracts a name.
"Tyson Waffler."

I'm walking out into the road even before Tyson can leave the 12 yr old section.
"I volunteer as tribute." I say, and walk bravely toward the stage as the people on all sides of me clap and smile.

"Good going, Brutus!"
"Yeah, you show'em!"
”You lucky pig!"
"Hooray for you!"

I smile and wave away everyone's hands.
Then i walk up to the stage and turn to Jimmy.

"Thank you, Mr...?" he begins.
"Call me Brutus." I say, pumping a fist into the air for the crowd. "For the pride of District 2!"
A torrent of tantamount applause greets me as Jimmy says proudly, "I give you this year's tributes of District 2, Monica Weather and Brutus!"


Long after the reaping, I sit in the train's dining cart as it heads to the Capitol, biting into a bread roll topped with fresh Capitol cheese.
I cross my legs at the ankles and prop them up at the dinner table, munching on the cheesy roll.
Monica sits opposite me, taking a bite of an apple while twirling a kitchen knife, as if fantasizing gutting a tribute with it.
Jimmy Blake walks in while guiding a strong looking man, about 22 years old.
"Guys, this will be your mentor, Quintus Axel." Jimmy rants, clapping Quintus on the back.
I nod at Quintus who nods back with a slight twitch in his neck.
All Monica does is toss the bitten apple over and juggle the knife, along with two plates and the mustard jar.
"Pleasure," Quintus says coldly. "But i got to admit you two are showing that you are feisty. That i can work with. Eat up, we'll be at the Capitol in an hour."

Soon the train chugs into the Capitol.
Pressed up against the window are the citizens of the Capitol, all dressed in their weird wigs and strange clothing, screaming and yelling and greeting us Careers with a standing ovation.
"Hi! How you doing, babe? What's the haps, shaps?" I say, winking here and there, giving some black suited dude a down-low thru the window and blowing kisses at a group of gaggling girls who look like they were about to pounce on me through the glass.

Jimmy dragged us away and almost immediately, Monica and I were sent separately to be made-over.
"Hey, preppy, how's it hanging?" I grin at the trio of make-up artists before me.
The woman is dressed completely in red and her hair is cut short in a hairbun. Her makeup is all red and gives the impression that she is bleeding. I learn that her name is Protist as she tears off my leg hairs, mercilessly, all the while chattering on and on about topics ranging from her party last week to the latest Capitol fashions.
The first man is shorter than Protist and is completely and bald and half-naked from the waist-up.
But though he's short, he aint stocky, and he did my hair with apparent ease while texting on his phone with the other hand.
I learnt that his name was Bleugh. That's right, Bleugh.
And my last make-up artist was called Gossip.
And the only way I'd describe him is that he is made up of words.
The whole time he did my nails (he has a french moustache), he kept on gossiping and gossiping repeatedly on what who wore to what party at what time and what did what to who at where at what time and why and how and so on and so forth.

I was interrupted from a particularly juicy story about Jessica and her body issues from Gossip when in came my stylist, singalling to the prep team that they had to leave.
"See you, Brutus!" calls Protist as she and her mates leave the room.

(Spoiler: Comment and tell me if you want me to tell you the full details of Brutus's time in the Capitol or if u only want me to talk about the highlights of what happened in the chariot ride, interviews and training. Basically, the full details would just be who did Brutus interact with in training, what the other tributes wore on the chariot ride and probably a play-by-play of the interviews, BUT the highlights just focus on what Brutus did and then skip to the Hunger Games immediately. So its ur choice! Comment on what you want, but hurry becos offer to vote closes in a few days' time!)

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