The Red Field

The tale of a preistess and a false god...

Chapter 1

Prologue: The Field

Gurgling streams converged at the base of the field, its crystal currents barely overreaching the smooth stones set around the edges. The earth at this part of the field was doused with periodic spouts of water, but none large enough to quench its thirst. When the field was barren, the land hungrily soaked up the crimson blood of the victims caught in the executioner’s snare. The river was never tainted.

Once innocent blood was spilt upon the field, the blood became the river and the field became thirsty for more blood.

The cycle would never end.

When the field was nourished, corn was planted in its rifts of lines spread across evenly, making the layout seem like a patchwork quilt. When the corn was ripe, it grew in abundance in shades of red. It was the specialty – Dark Blood Corn. This particular breed of corn was fed by the blood of the guilty. Another red corn was simply, Blood Corn. This breed was fed by the blood of the innocent. The corn never lied.

It could face the executioner’s scythe. But it would not lie.

It could be burned to hide the evidence. But it would not lie.

The corn never lied.

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