fight for life ( a hogwarts love story)

heheheheh you saw dis comein yall

Chapter 1


Name: lilly jenly
hair: black with blue streaks
eyes: dakr blue
year: 2nd
personallity: sad and sweet plus really shy and can be angry but not normally
house: ravenclaw
friends: no one
fav color: blue
how she dress's: normally in robes but other wise black t-shirt and ripped up jeans with her hair in a high pony
family: sister,mom,dad,brother ( yes Dante Jr i put tht in)
other: she is part ghost but no one knows. she and her sister are not really friends not that they are mean to each other they just are not close and her brother and her just never see each other really. her parents hate her. also she is a good writer and a song writer.

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