A School Day With N...

Ahahaha... How funny. I thought I wouldn't need to put a summary... Other than:

Interesting. Maybe funny. Unrealistic.

Chapter 1

Let's Put N in Real Life... (4 Periods out of 7 Periods)

*JUST SO YOU KNOW, I REVISED IT.... But that's just a note to the people who have already read this story.*

Crazy idea. I know. Live with it. I didn't put in any teacher names, I just put the 'insert name here' stuff.

One more thing; if you don't know who N is, he is a person from Pokemon. An awesome person.


August 20, 2012... 8:10 A.M... Location: Walking to school...

My best friend, N, and I were walking to my school. It was the first day of school, and N was curious to see a modern day school. I asked Hilda if I can let N come along, and, of course, she said yes.

Now, all I have-- I mean what N has to do is get permission. N is 18-years-old, so to speak. Um, N has to be the age of an adult to become King of Team Plasma or whatever the heck that is, so, yeah, he's 18. I'm 13. Truthfully, he seems like he's 16. Also, N the King seems like (half) a metaphor.

First of all, N is this super awesome and smart person (though one of my friends at school call N a "tree-head-that-grows-lemons-on-his-head) who was once the king of this villainous team called Team Plasma. He was supposed to separate these things called... Pokemon... from humans. Instead of accomplishing that, he EPICALLY FAILED and lost a.... what do you call it? A... Pokemon Battle.

N epically failed and lost a Pokemon Battle to a seven-year-old named Melody! I laughed out loud when he said that. How shameful... His dad, Ghetsis or whatever the heck his name is, seems like the biggest jerk in the history of dads. He lied to N about something serious. How mean.

"Hey, N, act natural," I suggested to N, as if he didn't know that. Heh, that was a little pun on his name, wasn't it? "You are capable of doing that, right?"

Man I am so dumb. Why am I even saying this to HIM??? N looked as if he was going to laugh because I was saying this. My sentence translated to, 'You are not capable of this.'

Am I forgetting that N is a math genius??? I hope not.

"Danielle, you're familiar with your schedule, and where you have to go, am I correct?" N asked me. I nodded, and with happy emotion on my face. Then he smiled-- no, smirked. "Give me that schedule."

I was holding the schedule in my hand, and N snatched it. How kingly. Never mind.

"Hey! Give that back!" I cried. I half giggled. N held the paper far from my reach, looked at me, smiled, and shook his head as if to say, 'No.' "You have got to be kidding, N!"

"No, I'm not kidding," N said, honestly. "You said you memorized the schedule, and now let me give you a test: say all your class periods in order, not including lunch."

I started to feel hot, but not to the point where I'm sick. I narrowed my dark eyes at him for a millisecond before I went back to my baffled expression.

"Um, uhhh.... I don't know..." I said lamely. N sighed.

"I thought so." He muttered. "Er-hem, but, this is your school, right?" I looked to my left, and there it is! My school! I am excited! ... A little bit.

"Yep! It is!" I said, upbeat. It's so weird how I went to 'uhhh' to 'Yayeah!' "It's the (insert school name from Florida) School!"

Now let's get out of my P.O.V. for a second, shall we?

N looked thoughtful for a moment. She seems a bit more... lively than in the last Middle School she went to... But she still seems more normal than upbeat. Or at least that's what Kyo Sohma said. N observed in his head. But, here we go...

Enter the school....

After N got permission to go with Danielle, Danielle was squealing in her head, but on the outside, she was just ''that-normal-girl-who-isn't-really-normal'. As for N, well, he's 'that-really-cute-and-cool-guy-who-is-just-walking-but-he-is-actually-a-mathematical-genius'.

Confusing, isn't it? Oh, and Danielle memorized her class periods now, thank goodness. She would have died right in the spot if she didn't.

The bell rang throughout the school, even though the bells were actually several electronic boxes that just make a bell sound. Duh. The bell sound reminded Danielle of how good/bad school is.

"Naturealty, N, natureality," Danielle suddenly said, but 'natureality' isn't a word. Danielle the 7th Grader didn't know what she was even saying, but N realized that it was just a portmanteau of 'natural' and 'reality'. N had no emotion for the made up word, but it sounded quite amusing. He wondered what the history of that word was.

Back to my P.O.V. Getting confused yet? You're supposed to. Just kidding.

I didn't care who was looking at us, even if N had naturally green hair. Natural tea green hair? I didn't think you thought so. Sure, N sticks out from the crowd, but...

Civics class, here I-- I mean, here we come!!

I decided that I should go up the stairs, and N went up by going on the school elevator without getting caught. Darn N.

1st Period: Civics Class.

I felt a bunched up with too many people. Like a pack of sardines, as similes say. Thankfully, I wasn't claustrophobic. I guessed that N was, since he most likely suspected this. He even had the expression on his face saying, "Too crowded..." as he turned to the direction of the stairs.

But anyways! Civics Class! The teacher, Mr. (Insert last name here) looks nice, but as we all probably know, teachers are mean at some point. Maybe.

After I caught up with N (and yes, I did say I caught up with N), we headed for my classroom.

We had assigned seats, and luckily, there was an empty chair beside me. So what, the teachers I have were alerted that N would come for a few days. N took the chair beside my right and set it beside the left side of my desk. I was sitting all the way to the left of the classroom, where I wasn't in between desks, so N could just easily lean against the wall without even trying to reach it. That's how far to the side I was.

I awkwardly whispered, "Natureality," to N again, and seems kind of freaked out by it now. Everyone was looking at us while the teacher was busily looking for the class syllabus papers. Wait, no, 'everyone' is an exaggeration. It should have been almost everyone.

Now I know how it feels like to be stared at. N didn't seem to mind. Um, but I'm guessing he wasn't that much of an attention grabber in the... Pokemon world? I guess not. I do a lot of guessing, don't I?

I seriously hope that some mean girl or guy would NOT make fun of me.

For the rest of the class period, all we were doing is just plain boring class syllabus stuff. N wasn't all bored and stuff, which was totally expected from someone who was.... home-schooled, but in his case, 'castle-schooled'.

This was gonna be a long day... Can't wait until I see the expression on N's face when we learn algebra in math class...

2nd Period: Gym Class.

Okay, I remember the way to gym. Across the bridge that goes through the woods. Then, here's the gymnasium. If it haven't been for N, I would have forgotten my gym clothes.

We were almost across the bridge. Just, a little, further.... At least we looked like we were the first ones almost to the gymnasium.

"N! Use invisibility so no one but me can see you." I said. Yes, he can be invisible. It's almost like I was going to talk to imaginary friends. "And do not go into the girls locker room. You know I can still see you/"

"Um, of course. Why would I go in there?" N said. Then he went invisible, but I can still see and hear him. "That would be rude." I rolled my eyes. Of course, N's not like that at all. He's too polite for that.

We got inside the gym, and one of the coaches were there and took out some basketballs. I told N to wait somewhere, and to not touch any equipment. It's going to look like it's floating, and that's not going to be cool.

Inside the locker room, no one was there yet. Heh, I'm going to keep the record of being the first girl here. I changed quickly, not wasting any time, and went out. Some other boys and girls were inside the gym, rushing inside the locker rooms.

Later outside after class starts...

"Huff... huff... I... hate... running..." I puffed from exhaustion. "And it... looks... like... I'm.. talking... to myself... right?"

N nodded, also huffing. He was a bit tired too. He doesn't run much, he walks. A LOT. Especially around this place called Unova. But, who knows? People call N 'mysterious,' but he seems open, obvious, and honest to me. And they say he talks fast. Like, really fast. I haven't heard him talk fast before.

3rd Period: Reading.

Here, N got bored. But very intrigued. He was reading some adult fiction when our teacher talked about the class syllabus. The reading teacher is very nice, though.

I had no idea what he was reading actually. I took a quick peek at what he was reading, and felt some awkwardness just reading it.

4th Period: Math. OMG (Oh my Ghetsis)

Yes! My math teacher is the same math teacher I had last year!

She greeted all of us, and N. We were allowed to sit anywhere, and I sat next to N, obviously.

And oh my, guess what we did? Talk about another boring, old, class syllabus. How exciting. But then again, we might learn about NATURAL NUMBERS when we learn about rational numbers! Yay!

(TRUE SHORT STORY: At math class, we were learning about rational numbers. Some weeks ago, I found out that N's name comes from natural number. I wasn't so thrilled because I had NO IDEA that natural numbers were part of rational numbers. We did some vocabulary, and then WOAH!! Natural numbers!!!!! I muffled a laugh from myself, and the person next to me asked, "Are you okay?" Usually I am very quiet, and very independent, but now it seemed ironic that I was laughing. Even my math teacher looked at me like I was crazy, but she didn't ask why I was laughing anyways.)

(One more TRUE side note: YES! I went on a Ferris wheel! I felt like N for a few minutes, and then I muttered ALMOST the same thing that N had said in the game: "I love Ferris wheels... The circular motion is so elegant, the complete gears are too..." But it was my LITTLE BROTHER'S idea to go on the Ferris wheel in the first place. He wanted to feel like N too, but didn't exactly act like him...)

I shall write more! Until then...

Stay tuned for the last chapter!

Revised version: Well people, did you see any revision?

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