House at the End of the Street : My review

House at the End of the Street : My review

Review time!

Date watched: September 23, 2012

Chapter 1

House at the End of the Street

by: Carrie_
Alright, so I watched House at the End of the Street today and it was ok. I enjoyed it but I also didn't enjoy it. The positive side of this was the characters, some humorous parts, and the plot twist. The negative side was the camera zooming in and out and focusing in and out. It kinda made me feel dizzy in a way. It also needed more suspense. And it was kinda cliche.

The Characters: I liked the characters. Jennifer Lawrence who plays Elissa did a good job. Max Thieriot who played Ryan Jacobson was also pretty good. And plus, he's sooooo cute!! ;)

Plot Twist: I don't want to give away any spoiler alerts for those of you that want to watch it but I was shocked. I couldn't believe it. You really needed to pay attention at the beginning or else you would be really confused at the end.

Um...Oh the negatives! It was pretty cliche. I mean, slowly moving towards things and the flashlight going off? Typical....Boring!

It need more suspense. There were some parts that made me jump but not good enough to make me scream. Or keep me up at night...I mean like, the previews at the beginning were scarier than the movie. Seriously. If you want a movie that would make you jump a few times, have a few laughs, and think about how hot Max Thieriot is or Jennifer Lawrence is, then House at the End of the Street is your movie. If you want a really scary movie that will knock your socks off, scream like a girl (or scream louder if you are a girl), have nightmares, keep you up at night, and be paranoid while looking in your bathroom mirror, then I suggest a different movie. Like Sinister. But I'm not going to get into that....I really want to watch that though...

ANYWHO.....if you are planning to watch this movie, go ahead. You may or not like it. Depends. I fairly enjoyed it but I hoped that it was more scary. Oh and its rated PG-13.

Thanks for reading!


Oh and the daughter's name was Carrie Ann...I was like, "Seriously? Why does the creepy girl have to have my name?" Lol XD


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