how to enter a portal

IT IS SORT OF EASY but not rlly

Chapter 1

kk soo...

but first how do you get into the bearen lands to enter a portal? easy
step 1: close eyes and bend knees slightly
step 2: have calm and happy and soothing emoitons
step 3: go to sleep

when you go into the bearen lands here is what you do
step 1: apper in bearen lands
step 2: do not go any where
step 3: imagen and think where you want to apper clearly
step 4: say it out loud ( gotta use good detail)
step 5: bend knees slightly

also here is what you should bring when you are going to the bearen lands:
a knife/sword/shot gun/tazer
a little bit of food ( fruit )
running shoes
short pants ( like above knees)
short shirt ( like not long sleeves)

if you plan on opening a portal into another place from the bearen lands bring there:
alot of water
a wepon
a bag ( small )
a laptop ( to ask me if something goes wrong)
anything eles that is small

what not to bring:


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