For Katie

I'm in a really nice mood so I decided to make this for my dear friend Katie ( Why? Because she is one of the most AWESOMESAUCE PEOPLE ON HERE. And not all my friends know her (the poor people...)

Chapter 1

KATIE!!!!!!!! XD

You were one of my first Quibblo've been on my Top Friends since we met! We immediately clicked, because of all our similarities. The coolest? WE'RE BOTH CRAZY!

But, really, Katie, you're the kind of friend that can cheer me up when I'm sad, and make me even happier when I'm in a good mood. Because you're hilarious! Remember how I fell into my dog's food after reading your funny tales? XD
We really are the Crazies.

You're also one of the only people who I can actually profile stalk without them biting off my head. (Did I mention that your profile has reached my Most Visited?)
Like, I stalk you so much I actually had a dream about you. Okay, let's see...we were at some tea party, I believe. You mentioned one of my fails, and I spat out my tea and we had to go outside to this area with a little pond. I fell into the pond, and you fell into a big bowl of soup that had magically appeared. I literally woke myself up from laughing.

A few days after that, I randomly called you Katie Batie. Then you told me that your primary school dinnerlady also called you that! I'm not kidding, after I found that out, I fell out of my chair and hit the ground with a THUD. Then I started choking on my water. I screamed. My mom thought I was being abducted. I'm laughing just thinking about that whole incident.

Whenever you have to leave Quibblo for a few days because of break or something, I get're so funny and awesome that Quibblo is boring without you! So don't delete! All of your friends would get bored if you did! And we'd all miss you! A lot! Don't leave! Ever! XD

I remember when you asked me to hack you (which you never got to give me your email and password because of one of your vacations. Many I almost fainted, because that made me an official Katie-har. Well, maybe it did. I'm not sure. I don't know what a Katie-har is. XD

Oh, I almost forgot--I made a thinger-mibob for you!

K- Kind
A- Awesomesauce
T- Talented
I- Imaginative
E- Excellent writer

~Lisa Bisa


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