the little boy and girl

plx read if you have a heart

Chapter 1


by: shaggy42
once appon a time there was a little boy and girl in the hospital the little boys whole body was paralized except his rist and hand there was a little girl who was paralized from the waist down the little boy just loved making paper mache swans and the little girl was just amazed by what the little boy could do day after day the boy would make these swans but after while the nurse came with great news there was a cure for there paralisis the little girl was easly perswaded she wanted to do it but the little bay asked if i do this procedure will i still be able to make my paper swans? the nurse sayd well there could be a down fall it cold not work the little boy shewed her out with the one hand he could move and continued to make his swans a month later he feels he wants to make something new and asks for red and green paper the nurse brings it to him with a questioning face for the first time he makes a red rose then dies that exact night at axactly twelve o clock the only person who came to his funeral was the little girl who was with him in the hospital the one thing on this little boys will was the red rose for the little girl with a note that sayd no matter what hard things you go through do what you love signed i love you then his name


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