I'm Just going to bring this out in public so everyone know and can't talk behind my back.

Chapter 1

haha. You are so sweet.

I got this message today. From ImRightBesideYou_
Isn't it just lovely?
"You don't deserve Jace. You know that? He loves you. He loves you so god damn much and you don't even love him anymore. You'd break up with him if Ali wanted you too. You'd leave him first chance you got. Why the hell do you keep dragging him on? He knows you don't love him anymore. But he loves you. And he only pretends to believe you when you say, "I love you," to keep from starting fights. When you act all cocky at him, it hurts him. When you say you don't dream about him, or you laugh at him behind his back, it kills him. You hurt him. He won't admit it, but you do. You make him feel ugly and worthless and unwanted. I hate you for everything you do to him. But I love him. So I'm not interfering, I'm just saying, that if you really love him, you put on one hell of a poor show. If you don't love him, you need to ffuck off. Because he loves you. He'd die for you. But you barely even ... you don't even try. You're pathetic, and you disgust me. Does this hurt? Good. It should. I'm not trying to insult you, bro, but Jace really freaking loves you. And I don't appreciate you lying by saying you do too. If you don't mean it, don't say it. If you don't need him, quit saying you do. If you don't want him, ffucking quit saying it. Oh, and don't speak of this to Jace."

I'll speak of it to everyone.
Guess your little plan just backfired. Don't try and outsmart me. I love Jace with everything in me and I try every single day.
I try very hard.
Yes. I am mean.
I have issues.
I am working on them.
So don't judge me until you know me.
Thanks everyone.
Have a lovely day. (:
Yes. Even you.


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