My reasons for being a Directioner

Chapter 1

Just a little rant of mine.

Becoming a Directioner wasn't something I chose to do. I didn't intentionally make the choice to fall in love with the boys. When I first started liking them, I promised myself that I wouldn't get obsessed, and wouldn't get attatched. I guess I made that choice because I knew when I became obsessed with something, I became very obsessed. I wanted to focus on school, focus on getting a good education so that I could have a good career. Of course, I broke my own promise not to become obsessed with the boys. But now that I look back, it was literally one of the best things that I did. People always ask me why I love them and dedicate so much of my time to them when they don't know I exist and will never love me back. Well, they don't actually ask me, but I know that is what they are thinking when they see how much the boys mean to me. You can't ask a Directioner that. It's like asking someone why they breathe. It's like asking someone why they eat. It's like asking someone why they sleep. And the answers to these questions are all the same: we need food, sleep and air if we are to stay alive. That's the same for me. I need One Direction to stay alive. No one knows what they have done for me. No one knows how much they have inspired me, made me a more confident person, how they have made me realise that anything is possible if you set your mind to it, how they have made me see that if you reach for your dream, it will come true. The boys make me feel beautiful. Every morning when I wake up, I look at their faces and I know how much I mean to them; even though they don't know me. I know that I am beautiful, and that there is someone in the world waiting to tell me that. Ever since I became a Directioner, I have lived by the motto 'Everything is possible, so never give up'. The boys have taught me that. Every day when I think there is something that I can't do, I tell myself that I can do it. I keep trying until I succeed. I think of the boys, and how they never thought they could be so successful by doing what they loved. But they pushed. They pushed themselves and told themselves to never give up. I wake up every morning, and thanks to the boys, I know that I can have any career I want. Even the jobs that seem so unrealistic. I know that if I want to be a pop star, I can be a pop star. If I want to be an artist, I can be an artist. If I want to be a chef, I can be a chef. The boys have taught me that ANYTHING is possible. ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, if you just put your mind to it! And all that is why I can never let the boys down. Even if I wanted to, I know it is not physically possible for me to forget 5 people who have changed my life in the best way, and done so much for me without even knowing. I need to stay. For myself. For the boys. I need them to know that they have at least 1 person in the world that will continuously support them no matter what they do. So next time you make fun of a Directioner for being so dedicated to the boys, think about the reasons why they love them so much.


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