My Last Day Here

Chapter 1

Imma miss ALL of you!!!

Aw jeez, it happened so fast. I will never forget you. Some people I would like to mention.

glory7 (my very first friend on here)

Diablos (my quibblonian brother)

hollywoodundead10 (the new owner of my account and my sister)

DJISDABOMB (an awesome friend who helped me with a lot of things :D)

Some of you I have known longer than others. Some I have never talked to. I will miss you all the same. I chose not to come back. This was my decision. I'll always be with you. I will think of you every day.

I wrote a poem or you...

Through all rough times
you were always by my side.
And I will always miss you
but maybe we will collide.

You were true friends
that never betrayed me.
We will meet again
just wait and see.

I will always keep you in my heart
Even if it's shattered.
Some of us have fought
But it never really mattered.

I guess this is goodbye
Just for now, we'll meet sometime.
Don't try to stop me
I realized this life is mine.

Miss ya Lots and Lots.


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