The Perks of Being a Shirt

The story of Jason's t-shirt on his first day of high school...

Chapter 1

From Brand New to Stained

It was Jason's freshman year at high school. He had bought me for the purpose of being his first shirt to wear for the school year. I was a thin red and white striped t-shirt with the logo of a white eagle on the left arm band. Of course, that meant that I was stuck in his dark and stuffy closet for the remainder of the summer. But once I felt the atmosphere in the closet cool down, I knew it was time for Jason to take me out and wear me.

Jason opened the closet door and his eyes almost immediately came to me, as if they were drawn by a magnet. He took me off of my hanger and closed the closet door. After he put me on, he rushed down the stairs to breakfast. Jason quickly ate his Cheerios and drank his 2% milk. As soon as he had inhaled that, he was grabbing his backpack off of the counter and heading out the door. When had Jason ever been in such a rush?

As Jason waited at the edge of his lawn for the school bus, I greeted his new backpack. She was blue, like Jason's jeans. She had four pockets, each with a zipper to close it up. Her straps were slung around my arms snugly and she wasn't filled with too many books. We became fast friends.

Jason climbed the stairs of the bus and walked toward the back with almost a skip in his step. He seemed excited. Jason sat next to Bobby, who had gone with him during the shopping trip in which Jason bought me in order to "prevent any 'drool' looks". Bobby had black curly hair and large hazel eyes. He was also pale, as if he hadn't even stepped out of his house during the summer.

The bus stopped and all of the students shuffled off of the bus and onto the path to Dereft High School. Jason headed with the group of students into the school. Right as Jason stepped into the hallway, a boy who was about Jason's age (which was fourteen) stumbled into him, spilling grape juice on me. The boy mumbled what sounded like an apology and then quickly shuffled away before Jason could protest.

"That's Gary." A blond girl with too much lip gloss and a neon pink sweater said. "He spills stuff all the time. He, like, trips over everything." The blond girl blinked, as if Jason was going to say something. "I'm Jenny. I've been at this school for a whole year and I already know a, like, whole lot about it."

"Hi, I'm Jason. If I ever need to know something about the school, I'll come to you."

Satisfied, the blond girl strode away. Jason gave my new grape juice stain an inspection. "I'm going to have to wash it out as much as I can now, then toss it in the washer later."

I felt sorry for Jason.


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