I'm so nervous and scared for tommarrow

I cut myself on wenesday but i'm not emo thou

Chapter 1

read the intro

So if you read the intro. I will explain So on wenesday my pe class ran the mile. I'm not suppose to run since my ankle is jacked up. I ran I started in the back then Ran to the front. i ran with some guy in my class, I Left everyone far behind except that fou. So we were runing and he talked to me in spainsh and said your a fast runner but try this, He ran way faster I was like I'm running super fast right now. Then It was hot so that made it worst. I went to go get changed and the locker cut me. (comment plz wat u thou when u read [[I cut myself]] ) So yea. After that long time I went with vepsy and my mom to father's pizza day on sep. 18 my youngest sister's b day. I met one of vepsy's friend. her friend's kept taking pic.s of me and vepsy. I smirked since Vepsy hates pic.s supposely vepsy said her friend said I'm really pretty beatiful. Vepay was picking on me how big my eyes are. Since I have a baby's face, Big round eyes, small nose, a scar on my check which is actual cute, Big round lips. I'm short. That was wenseday.
Thrusday: Eva was crying and angela started crying. I loooked at eva I didn't want to cry. Angela thou looked like a angel crying. So sad
Friday aka today: Lanuge arts was crazy fun. Wierd. Lunch my friend's acted like jerks I swear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So for extra credit we had to sing some song in spainsh. So i went with my friends. And I was forced to sing outside. So ther were alll my friends and some other people who know me. My friends just wanted to watch me sing. So i began to sing softy and quiety. everyone like it but my voice sound crooky since i was trying not to laugh. My jerk friend record it. And said You sucked. I punched him. He said I have heard you sing Before your a great singer , you just talked it and a singing voice, You sing loudly and pretty not quiet. I rolled my eyes. So tomarrow I have a big debate tormunet Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lol. So i was praticing speaks and the word i got was abortion. And my friend evan who was judging me was saying You make it sound so sad. But It's good, We started debating over that then i Talked about mafia. He said I still made it seem sad. I just said You better a making people laugh. I like to control people by making them think. For I'm me. I can talk about sad things. He laughed and said who would image. The cheerfulist debater makes things seem sad. The coach listen to me and said good. :) So wish me good Luck PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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