Gakuen Hetalia

A story made by me with a guest star wolves_anonymus

Chapter 3

Episode 2: Physical Testing....Great!

Tokyo POV
I woke up at 5:45. I looked outside, it was still dark. School started at 8:00 though. I had got up and made my bed. I like my new roommate Paris. Although I'm confused with the Allies and Axis thing as well. She was any Ally and I was an Axis. But I'm glad Aniki had talked to England about it. I was happy. After I had got out the shower I had put on my uniform. I didn't like how I looked like. My skin was as white as snow along with the color of my lips. If I had got a sun burn it would turn red, it wouldn't tan like others do. My hair was a dark black-blue and my eyes were a midnight bright blue. To me I look like a doll, or an anime character. I looked at the time, 6:15. I hate when I put myself down. It also gets in the way of what I'm doing. I decided to wake up Paris. "Paris-chan? Are you-"
"5 more minutes....zzzZZZZ" I sighed and decided to let her do as she pleased. I started to make breakfast for the both of us. I setted the table and everything.
"You made breakfast! I'm starving!" I saw Paris walking fast towards the table. She had a confused look on her face. "Hey what are these?"
"Those are chopsticks. We use those to eat our food at my place..." I looked at drawers and found a fork and a knife. "Um? Paris-chan, will these do?"
"Yeah! Merci!" She had gladly took the silver wear and started to eat. "Dude your an awesome cook!"
"Please Paris-chan don't talk with your mouth full." I was worried of the western culture just like Aniki. Have they always eat like this.
"Yeah, yeah, Hey! What time is it?"
"7: 15, why?"
"You have got to be kidding me, great." She had scarfed down her food and washed her plates. She ran to her room to get ready I guessed. I had sat down and ate my food.

I walked down the big long halls in the school. As I had got inside the classroom I saw a guy with blonde hair and big eyebrows.
"Ah, Hello Tokyo. Im friends with your brother, Japan. My name is England, it is a pleasure to meet you." He did a bow just how we did when we greet people.
"Arigato, England-san." I bowed back appreciated from how polite he was.
"Now your seat is over there by the window in the back."
"Thank you again." I walked over to my seat and setted down. I saw a boy with blonde hair next to me. He had pretty blue eyes and he was wearing glasses. He look..../What am I thinking!/ I looked at the outside window hiding my blushed face.

P.E./Sex ed: Paris POV
I walked to the girls locker room and got a number. My number was 7. As I headed to my locker I had opened it seeing a gym shirt and...
"Hey what kind of P.E. clothes are these?"
"This is what they wear in Japan for P.E."
"You have got to be kidding me. They use underwear!" I had a white shirt with red underwear type thing. Changing into them I felt naked. Going inside the gym I saw boys on the other side. Now way in hell I'm coming out there like this! As I was about to go back Hungary and Belarus grabbed me by my arms and dragged me. Great.... I saw France in a different wear than the boys. "France? Why are here?"
"I'm your teacher Paris. I'll be your P.E. teacher this year."
"Aw...great." I went in the back of the girl almost crowding France. He had blew his whistle getting everyone's attention. I saw Poland going next to France. What the?
"Alright class, today we are going to test your physical ability. We are going to team everyone up with the guys today. We decided to make it fun today since everyone here is new. There would be five challenges." I raised my hand up in the air.
"Yes, Paris?"
"Can I sleep?"
"Paris! Thank you for being a volunteer! Come on up!"
"I did not-"
"Now." What the hell? I never saw this side of France before. I obediantly got in the front with them. I did a heavy sigh. "Who would like to be her partner."
"Veh~I would." I saw a guy that had a happy look on his face. Oh this will be fun... As he had got in front with me I guess we had started.
"Now everyone pair up. I'll give you 3 minutes. Go!"

P.E./Sex ed: Tokyo POV
I saw everyone pair up with people so quickly. "Hey dudette wanna be my partner?" I saw a blonde hair guy with blue eyes and glasses. He didn't look like the boy in my homeroom though. His twin? His older Brother?
"Uh-um sure?"
"Alright then! Teach! I have a partner!"
"Then go line up with others to start the relay!" He grabbed my hand and ran to the start.
"Like totally now, Tokyo you will be with the people by the finish line. America go in the middle. You two are the green team, put on your jerseys and go to your places."
"Hey your Tokyo right? Japans lil sis?"
"Yes, I am."
"Good then. I'm America. Hey run fast so we could win. Heroes always win!"
"Ah yah, I am also a hero. Do you want to be my sidekick?"
"Nice!!!! Lets go win this thing!!!"
"Okay?" Ne? Aniki people from the western culture are...something else?

P.E./Sex ed: Paris POV
"Ugh I don't want to run..." I was in the middle next to America. "America, I want to sleep!"
"And I want to win!"
"Batard!" I graoned and heard France whistle. Basically we have to run a mile to the next person. I heard a siren and got 'ready'. As the person ran toward me and handed me a baton I stepped then collapsed.
"Paris what are you doing?"
"I'm tired!!!!!!!!!!!!" I layed on the floor with my arms above me, my foot up, and face flat on the floor.

P.E./Sex ed: America POV
"Nice! I'm in first!" I saw Germany catching up to me and I almost went into a full sprint. I saw Tokyo ready. As me and Germany handed out batons to Japan and Tokyo I saw them run off. I was glad I had a clear view of them. She was ahead of Japan. way ahead! "Dude she can run that fast?" Before I knew it she had crossed the finish line. What the? Japan was almost there to the finish line.

P.E./Sex ed: Tokyo POV
"Come on Aniki! You can do it!" I gave my botan to Poland and saw Japan cross.
"Anata no kangei bigguburazā Nihon!" I saw America running towards me amazed for some reason. He grabbed me by my shoulders and with his eyes sparkled.
"Dude! I never knew you could run that fast!" I blushed a little from the praise. "Your awesome! We could win this after all!" But...its just testing America-kun....just testing.... I smiled and decided to let him have his fun. I never knew a person could be so lively.
"Alright right everyone now for the next event!" Poland had led us outside at a huge area with gray balls . "Okay this will be an individual test. Girls on one side boys on the other."

P.E./Sex ed: Paris POV
"I'm still too tired France!!" I was dragging myself to the next event.
"I'm giving you a C, only because I pity you."
"Thanks, wait what are we doing now?"
"Shotput. It may look easy but its not." I started to see other countries starting. I saw Tokyo and Germany go up.
"I know that Germany is really good at Shotput. No one had beat him in this. Ever!" I saw Germany throw the ball.
"Dang! Il est vraiment bon ça!" I saw Tokyo do hers.
"Dont hurt yourself Tokyo!" I heard one of the guys tease her. Assholes. When she had tossed her shotput it went high and far. What the? Before I could finish the sentence in my mind I couldn't believe the number I heard.
"97!" Everyone looked at her shocked. Poland dropped his pencil and Germany looked pale. The guys who were teasing her had there mouths dropped to their necks. I started to laugh hard enough to fall on the ground and kick my feet.
"Oh my god! You guys should see your faces right now! You all look so freakin stupid!"
"Paris your up!" My face went pale and I stopped laughing. Why does Karma always bite me in the ass? As I grabbed the heavy shotput I tossed it.
"Yes! My personal record!"

Night Time/Bedtime
"Um? How was your day Paris-chan?"
"Awesome! But now I'm tired." As I went inside the dorm, I took a quick look at her. "Hey your not sweating, what gives?"
"Huh? I do sweat? Do I?"
"No, you look dry!" I actually couldn't believe I didn't notice. She doesn't sweat?! First she is a fast runner, then a really strong person, now she doesn't sweat!! I went to my room and jumped on my bed. "GOODNIGHT!" I yelled out the last of my energy and slept in my uniform. My roommate is something else.

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