Gakuen Hetalia

A story made by me with a guest star wolves_anonymus

Chapter 2

Episode 1: My First Day? Was Interesting......

Note: Please have a translation ready cuz I am pulling a wolves_anonymus move right now I am too lazy putting them here. Enjoy!


"Ugh! Tu dois me faire marcher!" I had dragged my heavy suitcase up the stairs. I was in london, Englands place. I heard that the school was here. Great, now I have to here him nag at me all day. As I was dragging my heavy bag outside a girl came running and we both fell with her bags flying everywhere. I stood up rubbing my head and looked at her almost with a glare.
"Gomen'nasai! Watashi o yurushitekudasai!" She got up bowing at me multiple times saying something over and over again. Different country... I stood up and started to pick up the bags that looked like hers. Picking up her stuff I saw a sword. What the? I shrugged and gave her, her bags. she said," Arigatō."
"Votre accueil?" Looking around I saw France waving at me. He had a black limo-like car beside him.
"Bonjour Paris et Tokyo." I looked at the girl blushing beside me. Tokyo? I raised an eyebrow as France kissed her hand gently, her face got red as a tomato. You have got to be kidding me?. "It is okay cher, I will be taking you and Paris to the academy."
"Nice. Where is it?"
"Nous allons y arriver. Comment était votre amour vol?"
"I can speak english you know. And it was terrible." France sighed and walked towards the car, and opened the door like a gentlemen. "Come now, lets go." Tokyo got inside and France closed the door.
"Aren't you going to open the door for me?"
"Now why should I waste my good charms on my little sister?" He had put Tokyo's bags inside the trunk and got inside the drivers seat.
"Con!" I put my bags inside the trunk as well and got in the front seat beside him. I looked behind me seeing the girl already asleep. "Lucky." I sighed and looked outside. "France? How long is the drive?"
"2 hours? Pourquoi?"
"Night!" I got cozy in my seat and drifted to sleep. Yes!

The Academy
"Paris, réveille-toi!" I woke up seeing France in my face. I punched his stomach and got out the car. He made a groan. I saw a boy or women? With Tokyo on his back. "Hey bro, who's that?"
"Thats China getting Tokyo. She wouldn't wake up so I had China come and get her." I sighed and got my bags. I started to look around. Nice. It's not as bad as I thought it would. I saw two small buildings and a big building in front of me. "Why so many?"
"The first one is for the girl dorms, the middle is the academy, and the third is the boys dorms." I stood frozen.
"Wait, we have dorms!!" I made a loud groan. "I don't want to walk!!!"
"But you slept for 2 hours!"
Tais-toi que tu es stupide vieil homme!"
"I am not old!" I started to drag my bag again, heading inside the academy. I Iooked around seeing all kinds of other countries. I was actually glad I wasn't the only one.
"Paris? Is that you?" Oh no.... I turned seeing Britain and his big bushy eyebrows. I smirked with a devious grin. "What is it?"
"Do you want to know something?"
"If its about my eyebrows and me, I don't want to hear it."
"Then never mind."
"Still childish as ever. Here, these are your classes, just be glad I picked up your paper." I started to look at my list of classes. What the!
"Hey! Your a teacher? And so is France! We have Sex ed here!!! Great."
"Quit complaining. They picked several students to be teachers for now, Ancient Rome couldn't find any good teachers so be glad you have several you know."
"Ugh! Great I have you for 2nd period. Maybe if I'm lucky enough I'll get to annoy you." I grabbed my bag again and dragged off to the dorms outside.

Girls Dorms
"Hello?" As I stepped inside I saw two cases of stairs leading up. The place was elegent and formal. It actually made me not want to touch anything. I saw a girl with long brown hair running towards me.
"Hey! I'm Hungary, welcome to the World Academy!"
"Bonjour, I'm Paris."
"Ah, so your France's little sister? Thats cool. Hey? do you need help to find your dorm and stuff."
"Yeah, thanks. How do we find out though?"
"Up there?" She pointed to a big poster on the wall with our roommates names and stuff.
"Oh...." When we got up the stairs, I looked at the poster once. "Can you find it, there's too many words."
"Sure. Belgium...belarus....ah! here you are! Your roommate is Tokyo!"
"Tokyo? I think I just met her today."
"Did she have short dark blue hair, and a big blue bow?"
"Yeah...I think."
"We'll find out when we get to your dorm then." As we started to walk down the hall, I felt like it was going on forever. We made a right, then a left, then a right again. I groaned as we had finally got the room. the room number was 1303. "Why does my room number seem like it could be in a horror movie."
"Don't know. Here, she should be here already. Don't forget introductions start in an hour!" She handed me my bags and left running somewhere. I opened the door seeing a small apartment.
"Nice." As I stepped in I looked at my left. It was a japanese like style down the hall. I looked at my right seeing how it was like back at home. The living room, kitchen, and dining room didn't seem any different. "You have got to be kidding me." I was actually glad there was a flat screen TV. Thank god! As I was just about to sit down on the couch someone was knocking at the door. "I'm coming!" As I opened the door I saw a girl with white/beige/gray hair in a red uniform. She actually looked kind of scary.
"Paris and Tokyo come."
"Uh....I don't know if Tokyo is here..."
"I'll get her then." She came inside and turned left. I heard screaming and ran to her room.
"Tok...i...yo?" I saw her in a red uniform. The scary looking girl put a red bow in her hair replacing her blue one. "Hey what gives?"
"You have to wear uniform. You too."
"What?" She grabbed and carried me to my room.

In school for introductions
"I had never felt so harrased in my whole life."
"It wasnt harrasment you glupaya devochka."
"It was to me! Wait...your russian?"
"Da." I saw Tokyo quietly walking beside scary girl looking like she could scream in terror or just cry. Poor girl. I feel bad for her to be honest.
"Hey what's your name anyway?"
"So, your Russia's little sister?" She got out a knife and pulled it to my neck.
"How do you know Big Brother?" Tokyo froze in shock.
"My brothers France!"
"Oh." She put her knife away and grabbed Tokyo's hand walking ahead.
"Crazy bitch."
"What was that?" She flashed a glare at me.
"N-nothing!" I did an awkward laugh and she walked ahead again. I really don't want to die on my first day. Not yet anyway. As we headed further inside the hallways I saw her throw Tokyo in a room and her walk to the one next to it. Huh? She opened the door and looked at me annoyed.
"What about Tokyo?"
"She an axis. We are allies." I was still confused but didn't feel like arguing. As I headed inside I saw Britain and France. Belarus sat next to Russia, who looked like he was scared. I saw America, China, and.....I walked to the guy holding a polar bear.
"Who are you. I think we had never met."
"I'm Canada. I'm your other older brother."
"Really? I don't rememeber." There was an awkward silence between us, I went to England and started to annoy him.
".....Hi!" I started to laugh my as off. I just love when I annoy him. America and I started to annoy him again.
"Paris could you please not annoy England today aru?" I stared at China and gave him a smile.
"Nope!" I started to annoy England again. I heard knocking at the door.
"I'll get it." Sadly England went to get the door. Aww....I wanted to piss him off more though. I started to annoy France. "Japan?" Everyone stopped and looked at the door showing a guy with short black hair. I looked around clueless on what was going on. "What is it?"
"I was wondering if I can talk to you for a minute England-san."
"Sure." As they closed the door, everyone was quiet. I couldn't take the silence and started to laugh. No one laughed with me and I stopped blushing from embarassment. This is awkward... England came back inside.
"Hey England what happened?"
"We are going to hold the axis and allies for the next three years."
"Huh?" I still didn't know about the axis and allies. Everyone was pretty schocked though.
"We are also going to have to get a bigger room so we could do World meetings."
"Wait how are we-" The wall on the left clashed down. Dust was everywhere. The dust vanished and all we saw was a guy with pulled back blonde hair, short brown hair, and Japan shocked. Tokyo had a finger pointed at us confused. "What the hell just happened?"
"Aniki told me they had to make a bigger room." She speaks english......pure beautiful english........
"I don't think they ment it like that." She stood there clueless just how I was 5 seconds ago.
"What th-" France covered Englands mouth who was frantically moving and waving his arms like a maniac.
"Paris chéri pourquoi ne pas sortir et à Tokyo pendant un certain temps?"
"Très bien. Tu me dois bien!" I took Tokyo's hand and left. I closed the door but stopped to eavsdrop.
"Um? What are you doing Paris-chan?"
"Ssh! I'm eavsdroping real quick. Be quiet for a moment."

Inside: Canada POV
"What the bloody hell was that!!!"
"Shhhh! If you let poor Tokyo hear she'll start to cry!"
"So you know about the situation, France-san."
"Why yes because-" France stood by China and started to pet him like a dog. "China here told me when I got to the school." He raised an eyebrow and punch me in the stomach. He walked away and stood by Japan. "Mon cher. Man down!"
"Ah! France are you okay?" I ran to France seeing if he was okay. I looked at everyone that stood there clueless.
"Who are you?"
"I'm Canada..." I sighed from fustration.
"Oh yeah~Sorry bro!" America came and slapped his hand on my back.
"How the bloody hell did she do that!" England pointed at the wall that was broken down. It showed both rooms perfectly.
"I don't know to be honest England-san? China-kun did she learn that from you?"
"No aru."

Outside of room: Paris POV
"Aw~this is no fun."
"What isn't fun? Paris-chan?"
"They're talking about how you broke down the wall."
"That was easy."
"What did you do?"
"I tapped it and it broke down." I stood there dumbfounded. I just suddenly got hyper.
"OMG DUDE!!! THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!" She stood there with a worried expression. As we headed out we explored the school more. She was okay I guess. She might not be a bad roommate after all.

"Ugh...I'm tired!" As I got inside the dorm I threw myself on the couch, missing and hit the floor face first.
"-gasp-Paris-chan! Are you okay?"
"I think.....hey Tokyo pick me up and bring me to my room."
"Wah? U-ummm okay?" I felt her pick me up. It actually seemed she didn't have a problem with it. She was carrying me like it was nothing. Are you serious? I was dropped on my bed half asleep.
"U-umm good night Paris-chan..." I was already asleep when she told me goodnight. I heard her close my door. My first day....was interesting

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