Gakuen Hetalia

A story made by me with a guest star wolves_anonymus

Chapter 13

Episode 10: Seeing Our Opposite Selves....Was Scary 1/2

Paris POV
"Our opposite selves?" Britain was telling us that we can go to this different demension and explained that we should explore. Also he said that we would become the opposite of what we are now. Hmm...what is the opposite of me? I was kind of interested in the idea to be honest.
"Lets go!" America jumped up with glee. I swear your happy azz is ready for anything huh?
"Alright, but we can only be gone until midnight. But that would give us plenty of time to explore won't it?" Most of us agreed and we had to stay calm to go inside this "portal". I stood up by the little asian. I also just realized something.
"How...tall are you?"
"I'm...5'3, why?"
"Ha! I'm 3 inches taller than you. And....I also just realized something else....Japan and China are short too. Are you guys the same height?"
"Yes, aru. We're both 5'5." I laughed. I am a freakin blonde.
"Is everyon ready?" I shrugged as everyone else agreed. He got out his book and started to say words again. A big green hole appeared in front of us. A strong wind was somehow pulling all of us in.
"Ni-ni!" I saw Tokyo flying into it first, china second, italy third, then everyone else. I was the last to go and a flash of light almost burned my eyes.

~Other Demension~

I groaned as I adjusted the light in my eyes. What happened? "Who the bloody hell is on me!" I stood up and saw that I landed on England. I was sitting on his back as he was flat on the ground like a pancake.
"Ha!" Englands rude azz push me off him and got up. "What the hell?!" He brushed himself off ignoring me. I saw Russia already up, America complaining how his head hurts, France helping the asian nations get up, and Canada helping up Tokyo. Aw~how sweet. I stood up on my feet and looked around. Its still the same damn thing?! "Hey Britain I thought you said we were in a different demension?"
"We are! Its just the nations that are different not the place." Con.
"Okay! Lets split into three groups! Group 1 The weakest links: Tokyo, Canada, and Italy! Group 2 The strong people: China, Russia, Japan, and Germany! And Group 3 The Heros: England, me, France, and.....Paris I guess." My eyebrow twitched when he said "I guess.". I kind of chuckled when America called Tokyo and them the weakest links. "Now lets go!"

Tokyo POV
I heard the school bell ring. I saw all the other countries. It didn't seem much different, except I'm invisible, they can't hear us, and they could walk through me like a ghost. I sighed as I came across Germany's older brother, Prussia.
"Ve~look! Its Prussia!" Both mine and Italy's smile went into a frown as we both saw him getting beat up. I saw very similar faces. Is that?.....Italy, Japan, and....Canada? I couldn't believe my eyes. Canada didn't show emotion at all, Italy was smirking, and Ni-ni....looked please. Italy punched Prussia hard enough to make his nose bleed and have tears come down. My stomach and chest started to hurt. "Ve~thats not me..." I looked at Italy, he couldn't believe it either. Were these their oppisite selves?
"Ve~whats wrong? You big azz piagnucolare bambino?" The other Italy punched him out of pleasure and the three left. I backed up a little. Shocked of what I just witnessed.

Paris POV
"Great~I'm with tweedle dum, tweedle dee, and tweedle dumbazz."
"I heard that!" I scowled as we came up to America's opposite self.
"Yo dudes" The hell? We all stopped and watched the other America. He was against the wall on his butt crying. I wanted to laugh but knew they would get pissed at me. A person came by to comfort him. Tokyo? The little asian smile at the american. She doesn't really seem like she changed.
"America-kun...did he do it again?"
"N-no! Remember what I said. I'm keeping that promise!" He got up and hugged her by suprise. She hugged back. Wait, what~?
"B-but America-kun, you know there are other ways than this." America wiped her tears. Huh?! D-dont tell me! My eye twitched and I was shocked. ARE THEY DATING??!!
"I know....but.....a hero must do his duty, right? And you know I was also in the wrong. All of us are in deep, but you." What duty? And what did he do wrong now?
"B-but-" The other Tokyo shook her head. America patted her head and left. Tokyo stood there. We watched.
"What the hell did I do dude?"
"How the bloody hell should I know?"
"Why! Why!" We all looked at the fustrated Tokyo. She didn't look like she was crying, she looked mad. She clenched both her teeth and fists. Her pretty brown eyes turned into an auborn color. "I will make everyone pay one day. What they did to Canada is terrible. Thats why hes like this." Canada?
"Chere lets go. We are only here to explore remember?"
"Wee~." I groaned and we started to walk away. Wow, she really looked pissed. I shrugged as we explored more.

Tokyo POV
"I-Its okay. They're the o-opposite of us, this i-is their world, not o-ours." I nodded as Canada tried comforting me. I felt much better to be honest. Italy gave me a hug and we explored a little more. We decided to go to the library. As we looked around I saw a familiar person. Ni-ni China? I smiled. He had glasses on and his ponytail as always. He was putting books up. As he was trying to put one up on the top shelf, he almost fell. I saw another familiar person who helped him. Russia.
"Xièxiè Russia, you saved me aru."
"Vashe dobro pozhalovatʹ." I felt a warm atmosphere around Russia. He seemed kind and generous. I thought it was nice seeing them happy. As China had got down he grabbed his bag and left with Russia.
"Ve~lets go find the other Germany!" Italy started tugging me to the door along with Canada.

Paris POV
"No! You have got to be kidding me!!" I screamed as I saw my other self. I was...nice...and proper?! I stared at my other self in horror.
"He, looks like karma bit you in the azz now didn't it, Paris?"
"Oh! Allez au diable vous baise gros sourcils broussailleux!" France gave me a soft glare and I stubbornly looked away. I watched myself walk up to a certain someone. Hey look its....Germany? I better not be dating him! I watched as Germany just gave me papers and left. Phew! Thank god... Letting out my reliefs I saw France. Hohoho~Lets see this perverted frogs other self. He was.....mature? The hell??? He was being gentleman like and all. My other self and him were smiling together, and made a laugh.
"France, when is the next meeting?"
"Right now, lets go." They both started to head in the meeting room.
"We're going to follow them right? Everyone should be gathered there."
"Wee, lets go."

~Meeting Room~

Tokyo POV
"Hey~its The weakest links and The strong group!"
"Ve~why do you have to be so mean America?!" We all entered the room, spying on our other selves. I saw Japan, he had a cold look. I also saw myself. My face was down. What am I doing? Everyone sat down and the meeting started. I looked at Englands other self. He was very nice and gentleman like. He wasn't yelling or anything, and everyone seemed to be getting along. Well, almost everyone.
", I'm sorry whats your name again?" I looked at Canada who had his arms crossed, but still with his emotionless face. I felt kind of sad, even in the world he is forgotten.
"He's Canada, you retarded tea-sucking bish." I jumped, from who said that. The tone sounded women like and scary. I wasn't sure if it was either me or the other Paris, but I wasn't jumping to conclusions. Everyone look at my other self shocked. My eyes were almost a dark crimson red when I looked up. Huh?
"Tokyo? What is wrong with you all of a sudden?"
"Shut the hell up!" I stood up from my seat. "I'm tired and sick of you nations forgetting who he is! Do you have any idea how much pain he is in?!" I even jumped at my yelling self. Was this the other me? "If this is really love, I rather be hanging by my neck before an audience of death!" Everyone stared at her with shocked eyes.
"Dude is this.....her?" I glimpsed at America confused of what was going on.
"Tokyo, luv, why don't you leave early and cool down."
"Do you really think I'm playing?" I saw the other Paris get up and slap me.
"Sit back down, Tokyo. That was uncalled for." I never saw Paris so...mature. I was suprised at Paris's actions. I saw Paris go to the door, maybe she was going to leave. I saw myself grab a chair and threw it at her. WHAT? Paris let out a painful cry. I grabbed the other chair next to me, drag it towards her, raised it high, and started to hit her with it. Everyone stood back of what I was doing. After she had hit her at least 10 times she threw it to the side. She stood stright, I was like a different person. To me, I saw a monster.
"You know, I was getting tired of you and your mouth from the start, but I endured it for a while. That goes for all of you as well!" She turned and looked at the jumped nations. She smirked. Canada and Japan seemed the same. She got down on one knee and opened my bag. In her hand I thought it was a grenade but when she threw it, gas started to come out. Everyone was knocked out. I started to feel it to, I was also knocked out. Everything went black.

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