The End of Yesterday

Earth is new and as close to perfect as ever. Those who once hid have shown their faces and are living alongside the humans that are so set on destroying the planet. Now with a war threatening the perfect peace a new kind of army is here to stop it.

This is a group story with some of the most epic people around! Please enjoy!

Chapter 4

Alyssa Manara

by: Apathy_
It was morning.

Perhaps you already know this. Perhaps you are right now staring at these words incredulously, not believing that I can have anything much to say. After all, I am stating the obvious.

The thing is, if you had been there, maybe it wouldn't have been so obvious.

The room was dark, filled with dust that I hadn't bothered to clear away. I didn't see the point, not anymore. Simple cloth lain over straw was where I lay, and as I peered into the cold blackness, I could hear the sounds of birds chirping cheerfully outside not too far away.

Strange. Birds usually stayed away.

Still, this was an indication that it was, at last, morning. So I could get up. I'd still have to be careful, though.

The Searchers might still be there.

Rising slowly from the ground, I padded across the room on my tiny feet. The ceiling was so low that most people would have had to stoop, but not me; my head barely grazed the ceiling. Judging by height alone, I barely looked eleven. Other than that, I looked at least eighteen.

A door slammed above me, and I froze. Barely breathing, I listened closely to the footsteps; oneeeee, two, oneeeee, two.... Walking with a limp. I knew who it was immediately.

As I reached the top of the staircase and flung the heavy wooden trap door open, the cellar was filled with the dim light of the early morning sun. Dust rose from the floor, dancing prettily in the sunlight.

"Tommy?" I called once I'd reached the top. A muffled cry greeted me, and I smirked. He'd always been so easy to scare.

"Aly?" he whispered loudly. "Where are you?" Suddenly, he appeared from behind the crumbling remains of a wall. His violet eyes found me immediately, and he walked straight towards me, shivering slightly.

"Problem?" I teased. He fixed me with his unsettling stare.

"You know what's wrong, Aly," he hissed. "This place gives me the heebie-jeebies. I mean, to think that this is where... I- I mean," he faltered, seeing my face. "Alyssa, I didn't mean... I just... Um... Sorry..."

He knew what he'd done. It wasn't on purpose, but it had still happened. And he'd seen my face shut off immediately, creating a barrier between the two of us that wouldn't break down for another several days.

I stretched out my arms in front of me to receive what he'd brought me. Tommy dumped them in my arms, watching me carefully. His short, stubby finger grazed my hand, and I flinched away from him. Crooked, brilliant white teeth bit his soft lip nervously.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. I pretended he had said nothing. The only way you could have told that I had heard him at all was the way my grey eyes darted momentarily towards the room. The place I had hung with drapes and sheets and anything I could find that would show that that place was sacred and not to be entered; ever.

The last place I had ever seen my parents before they had been arrested.

I whipped around, long black hair whirling in the air, and marched through the cold, stony halls. Shining suits of armour fell at regular intervals. Tapestries hung along the walls. My footsteps rang out through the enmptiness, and I could hear Tommy behind me, struggling to keep up. Coming to a door, I nodded at it, muttering an incantation under my breath. It flung open immediately, and I marched through it, through room after room until at last I reached the potions store room and dumped all of the ingredients into various presses. Then, barely an ounce of energy left in me, I walked slowly into a nearby room. It contained a single couch and several expensive looking glass ornaments.

I sank into the chair, running my hands over the velvet. My eyes were blank and glassy, my mouth set in a hard line by the time Tommy arrived, puffing and panting. There was a worried air about him. He knew what was coming. The breakdown. And he always refused to leave, even though we both knew he was in danger. Such serious danger.

"Tommy," I whispered, closing my eyes and breathing heavily through my nose, "Leave. Now."

"No." I could hear the defiance in his voice.

"Tommy." My voice was growing stronger now. "Go away."

"No," he repeated, and I gave up. He wasn't going to leave, and I was too close to breaking down to make him. So I sat there, breathing, while he stood in silence for several minutes.

Suddenly, my eyes snapped open. I saw Tommy across the room. A million images flashed through my mind. The Searchers, taking them away. Handcuffing them. Leaving me, hiding from them in the wardrobe, unable to scream, unable to talk, unable to do anything for the Silencing charm placed over me. So I watched as my world was taken away.

Tommy's face registered in my mind. I stared at him in disbelief. At this stage, my mind was not my own anymore.

"YOU!" I screamed, with such force, such blind hate that he took a step back. But he didn't leave, didn't run. He never had.


I was halfway across the room now, and there was a shelf of ornaments beside me. I picked up a heavy glass one and hurled it across the room. It hit the wall and shattered into a million pieces.


Another two ornaments, the glass making tinkling noises as it hit the floor. I turned towards Tommy and ran at him.


I wasn't thinking about what I was saying, and it didn't make sense, I knew it didn't, but I didn't try to make it.


He didn't move. Didn't flinch as I locked my fingers around his throat. He just looked at me sadly. When I started trying (and failing) to throttle him, he simply took a hold of my hands and prised my fingers off his neck. I fought and bit and scratched at him, but he just held my hands as I screamed at him.


My body went limp. I dropped to the floor, my arms in the air, Tommy still holding onto them. He scooped me up and carried me over to the couch and sat down with me in his lap. I curled up small, my head on his shoulder, and cried and cried and cried. He buried his head in my hair and whispered to me softly, reassuring me, telling me that everything was going to be okay. That I was going to be okay. I tried to believe him. Really.

But I'd never believed in miracles, anyway.

It must have been an hour later when I got my mind back again. I rose silently, and, without explanation, made my way back down to the cellar. Tommy followed me, limping along, and closed the trap door gently behind me. I heard him leave through the back door, going quietly so that the Searchers wouldn't hear him.

He'd be back. In a couple of days. This happened about once every two weeks. Sometimes it was Tommy's fault. Sometimes it'd just hit me. But more often than not, it was for no reason at all. I'd just randomly loose it. Perhaps it wasn't the best character trait to have. But it kept the Searchers away. They thought I was a ghost.

To be honest, at times I wasn't altogether sure they were wrong.

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