The End of Yesterday

Earth is new and as close to perfect as ever. Those who once hid have shown their faces and are living alongside the humans that are so set on destroying the planet. Now with a war threatening the perfect peace a new kind of army is here to stop it.

This is a group story with some of the most epic people around! Please enjoy!

Chapter 3

Laufeia Kali

The betting grounds, I smiled as I walked towards them. People where already gathering round, waiting for someone to challenge the man standing in the middle of the circle. The man that was probably the town’s champion. I looked him up and down slowly. He was tall and covered in muscle, probably without a single brain cell in his body. Normally champions where smarter looking than this guy, but then again this town was tiny, resting on the border between the human lands and the elven kingdom, it not surprising that their champion was all beef.

I stepped towards the edge of the circle of people and yelled out to them “you do know fighting on the streets is punishable by death right.” They all turned to look at me, obviously scared that I would be a solider come to ruin their fun. Most of their faces relaxed however when they realised that I was nothing but a girl. I grimaced at the thought of that, there used to be a time were a girl could join up with the human army. That hadn’t been the case for a while now. Human women where left mostly defenceless. Unless you wanted to train yourself.

“Who said anything about fighting.” a man standing across from me growled a sack of money in his hands. Obviously the person organising bets.
“Oh, so you’re not?” I looked pointedly at them all letting out a small laugh, “then I s’pose, I will have to find someone else to challenge.” I turned to walk away but called back by the growl of the man standing in the middle.
“You really expect me to fight you? You can cut your hair all you want but the fact still remains that you’re a girl. A scrawny girl at that” I turned to face him, slowly removing my cloak as I did so.
“In that case I should be an easy win shouldn’t I?” I smiled at him and waited.
“Fine, challenge accepted. But don’t blame me when I hurt you.”

The fight got off to a slow start. I all but yawned as I continued to duck and dodge out of the beef-case's way. This was ridiculous, I had been right when I had made my original assumptions about this guy, all he did was run at me and hope to knock me over. as i watched him aimlessly run past me for what felt like the millionth time in a row I flung out my foot and kicked him in the back, but at the last moment he turned, grabbed my foot with a lot more force than I had anticipated, flipping me onto my back. I winced in pain as my lower back made contact with the floor.

“Oh, the big strong girl isn’t so brave now is she” he huffed as he pinned me down, lifting up my shirt as he did so to reveal my infected tattoo. “aww look at this, the girl tried to use tattoos to make herself more attractive. Aint gonna do it love.” As he spoke he punched down hard on my back causing my body to arch in pain. I gritted my teeth refusing to scream. “Common baby, I want to hear you beg me for mercy” he punched my back again the crowd cheering and laughing along with him. He went in for a final punch shifting around my body as he did so for better aim. I smiled as I realised he had released one of my feet. I quickly swung it around, hoping it would hit its mark.

It did. Howling with pain he gripped onto his goods. The crowd yelled out things about a cheap shot as I stood up to face him, but I tuned them out, if he wanted to use my weakness I would use his. I quickly kicked him in the side of the head a few times until he passed out, being careful not to hit him in a way that would inflict any lasting injuries.

I stepped towards the bets keeper and he handed over a small sack of money. “Congratulations” he told me obviously shocked at my sudden comeback. I merely nodded back, feeling nothing. Just like every other time I fought. Absolutely nothing, “you’re not from around here” he told me, I merely looked back at him. He waited a bit before pushing on, obviously not getting the message. “Well were abouts do you live.”
“I don’t” I told him, he looked at me confused, “I don’t live anywhere, I tend to travel around.
“No family or nothing to get back to?” he asked, nodding goodbye to a few people as they began to disperse. I once again just looked at him. My family was long gone. “well, there’s got to be someone who loves you? Cares for you?”
“I don’t believe in love sir. But yes, there are a few who care for me. I don’t like staying in one place for too long though.”
“Well then, where abouts are you headed now?” he asked as I turned to pick up my discarded cloak.

“Elven territory.” I told him, attaching the sack of money to my belt.
“Why?” he said sharply, looking at me as if he thought I might explode.
“Looking for a new challenge.” I told him, noticing the way he relaxed at my words. “why, what else could I be doing?”
“Nothing, elves just aren’t the safest of people at the moment.” Elves weren’t the safest of people? Who was safer than the elves? “I can escort you to the border if you want, but I’ll have to request that you take a bag of supplies from me. A girl shouldn’t be traveling through areas like that unprepared.” I narrowed my eyes at him at the mention of ‘girl’.

“I think I proved myself move than capable of looking after myself.” I told, scratching my back as I did so. Damn that homemade tattoo.
“yes, but you also proved you’re not dumb, handling humans and handling the mystical folk are two very different things.”
“Fine” I told him, “I’ll take all the help you can give me.”

“this bag contains everything you might need for you journey. Be careful who you associate with, the elven aren’t the most trust worthy of people” I found myself once again confused at this man’s aversion to the elves, I had always been brought up to believe they were the kindest of the folk. “I wish you good luck, you might find you need it.” And with those words he walked away. I shook my head and walking forward. Desperately looking for some sort of adventure to help me feel alive again.

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