The End of Yesterday

Earth is new and as close to perfect as ever. Those who once hid have shown their faces and are living alongside the humans that are so set on destroying the planet. Now with a war threatening the perfect peace a new kind of army is here to stop it.

This is a group story with some of the most epic people around! Please enjoy!

Chapter 1


by: Limes
The sun dripped through the tree branches above my head, soaking me in its warming light. Each shift in the leaves reminded me of the half of me that came from this very forest. If I looked closely enough I could almost imagine that the carefully concealed bridges and houses of the Aldersyrians were visible to me. Of course, it was just a childish fantasy that should have been left behind with my childhood.

My feet crunched through the leaves coating the ground, reminding me that soon the miserable months of winter would be upon the woods and I would be forced to relocate or struggle to survive in the sub-zero temperatures. With this though, I hugged myself and stopped, gazing around me, analyzing.

The trees surrounded me on all sides and most people would have been disoriented but I rarely found myself lost these days. I was aware of the rough fabric of the old tunic pressed against my skin, cool from the whispering breeze dancing through the trees. The comforting press of my bow staff was between my shoulder blades and I reached back, running my hand meditatively along the scarred wood.

Right here, right now, I couldn't even imagine anything bad in the world. This moment was perfect, and then, in a crunch and the scattering of wildlife, this moment was over and I was darting quietly to hide.

"Do you really think they'll even be worth asking? I doubt they'll even let us into their lair." A man's voice said, loud and jarring in the subtle beauty of the forest.

"How should I know. I'm just following orders and the king wants these tree people."

I sat looked cautiously around the trunk of the thick tree, looking uncertainly at the two men, their thick bodies covered in gleaming chain mail and laden with gleaming weapons. What could they want with the Aldersyrians?

"What makes him think they can even fight?" The first man asked with a snort, stopping with a clang and jingle.

"I don't know!" The other man roared, wheeling around, his face red with frustration, "I just don't know, I'm just following orders."

"Well this is war, we need to think through our decisions."

"No! The king needs to think. We need to obey."

I ducked back to the shelter of the tree trying to process the news. A war. I listened uncertainly as the clang of armor and the angry conversation between the men faded and then stepped from behind the tree, looking around. The forest seemed to close around me, the trees suddenly too close, squeezing the air from my lungs. In an instant I began to run to the nearest edge, desperate to get out.

There couldn't be a war, I reasoned as I clumsily navigated the underbrush. Our world had just achieved a peaceful state. The plagues were gone, the land was healthy, and now we were going to ravage it with war?

I slowed as I left the trees behind, my bare feet shuffling through soft grass. I had just entered Elven territory. Looking out over the beautiful land, the shining trees and village of the elves, I doubted if war could really touch this. With a deep breath I decided that it couldn't be real. Slowly I started away from the gleam of the elves and the cool shade of the trees, certain that there was no way that I had heard right. There certainly wasn't a war on. There couldn't be; nobody was that dumb.

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