It Was Just Luck...... (The Victor from District 9's Death)

It Was Just Luck...... (The Victor from District 9's Death)

Hey! This is for my friend's contest for Catching Fire! Sorry, I forgot your name! I delete all my messages, so I forget easily, I'm so sorry!
The victor is from District 9, named Rye, by the way. Hope you guys like it! :D Comment on what you think please!

Chapter 1

I Was Gonna Die Anyway.....

I only won beause of luck. The 51st Hunger Games. The only reason I won was because the Careers got their food destroyed. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't be alive right now. But now, I wish I did die years ago.
My plate shoots up from the Launch Room. I wonder what the arena will look like. A desert? A forest? Jungle? Beach? I hope it's a place that I can work with. Like my Games; it was a forest.
I can see the arena once I rise. It's a beach, with crystal blue water. There's a jungle, too. The Cornucopia is straight ahead. Finnick Odair is on my left. Fear shoots through me. He could kill me easily, since he was from District 4. I can't swim. He could drown me if he wanted to. Which, I'm afraid, he will.
The there are the Careers to think about. From Districts 1, 2, and 4. I know that District 4 isn't with them, that's good, but the rest are still there. Brutus is a killing machine, with his strength and all. Enobaria is freakish with her pointy teeth. Cashmere can kill me with a mace. Gloss with his sword.
The time I spent thinking of my opponents wasted my time. I only have 10 seconds left. 10...9....8....7...6...5.....4.....3....2.....1!
I freeze. I don't know what to do. Finnick dives straight in the water. At least he's out of the way. I wait a few seconds before the coast is clear. Katniss is already at the Cornucopia. How did she learn how to swim?
I see Brutus a few spots next to me, securing a belt around him and jumping in. He floats. Of course! The belts are floats! I fasten my belt and dive as best as I can. My head bobs above the water. I move my arms and legs through the water, and somehow manage to get to the Cornucopia.
Others are already there, fighting. No doubt there. I see Enobaria stab my district partner with a knife. I gasp. I shouldn't have done that.
Enobaria spins around, blood knife in hand. She throws the knife at me, hitting me in the neck. I stumble backward. Fortunately, I don't fall. I painfully take the knife out of my bleeding neck. Then, as if to tease me or something, Brutus knocks into me, making the fall back into the deep water. I scream in pain, since Brutus was so strong. Water goes into my mouth. I quickly close my mouth shut.
I try to swim back up, but I just seem to go down deeper. I finally let go. My vision gets blurry. Then everything goes black.
I'm dead. I was gonna die anyway.

Did you guys like the story? It's kinda short.... This is my first contest! I'm still working on others! Comment and rate please! :D


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