Get Up, Get Up, Get Loud!

This is a personal narrative that I wrote for Literacy class...This is just a rough draft, and I'll post the final draft when I finish(:


Chapter 1

Get Up, Get Up, Get Loud!

Most of my friends found it hard to believe that I was going to try out for cheerleading, but, honestly, I’ve always wanted to be a cheerleader. Cheerleading tryouts terrified every single one of us, believe it or not, but we all knew this wouldn’t be easy. But I already knew that by trying out with Maelea, Lucy, Zoe, and Lyric, some of my closest friends, that this would be a very worthwhile experience. And one would find it hard to believe that we went through warm-ups, practicing in the hallway, and actually auditioning in what I could say was one of the best three hours of my life.

We started out by stretching. “Line up with your group so we can assign everyone a number,” Salma, an eighth-grade girl who would be cheering for her last year at Meigs, said. I stood in the line, side-by-side with Chloe and Zoe, as the three of us made up our tryout group. The three of us were extremely nervous, for we had not successfully done anything together as a group yet, and we had never even rehearsed the last eight-counts of the dance. We held hands, our palms sweaty, our bodies shaking, our minds wandering. Salma and a few other soon-to-be ex-Meiglet cheerleaders assigned us all numbers; mine was thirty-one.

After each individual had received their own number, we were all sent out to practice in the hallway, in the stairwell, and in the bathrooms - basically anywhere we could find space to do jumps, kicks, and flips - while auditions were held in the gym. Every time the door opened, every head turned for fear that is was now their opportunity to audition. My group attempted to practice, but time after time again, Zoe disappeared, and Chloe and I decided to practice without her. Although we needed the song “My Boyfriend’s Back” to practice, when Zoe disappeared, she took her iPod with her, and Chloe and I were forced to practice in the empty bathroom, despite our lack of music and the third member of our group. As other groups retreated from the gym doors, everyone gathered around them and asked the three questions that we were all dying to have an answer to: “Did you do well?” and “What was it like?” and “Did you say woo or yay?” Although I never would have guessed this if it wasn’t for cheerleading tryouts, but saying “woo” or “yay” while spiriting is strictly against the rules, seeing as “woo” sounds like “boo” and “yay” sounds like “nay.” We’ve never noticed - or even thought about it, for that matter - if the girls were saying the forbidden words in the past, but we would have no chance to see if the did or not; as I said often, “We would either be in the next pep rally, or sadly watching from the bleachers.”

After about two hours of the questioning, practicing, and waiting, it was finally our turn to either wow the judges or embarrass ourselves beyond belief. We walked in spiriting, saying “Let’s go Meigs!” and “You rock, Cavaliers!” We carefully observed the panel of judges as they did the same to us. They all sat at long tables, and there were around twenty of them; their ages varied, some looking barely older than I was, some obviously older adults. They stared at us, and we began our five-part auditions: a sideline of our choice, the dance, the cheer, a toe-touch, and a jump. We each did our own sideline; I did one called “C-A-V-A,” and both Zoe and Chloe did a different one called “M-E-I.” We did the dance, and I messed up at the beginning; I started about two counts late, but I continued dancing as if I hadn’t missed a beat. What I remember most, though, is calling the cheer, as I stood proud, and I smiled, and I shouted, “Get up, get up, get loud! Crowd, shout it out!”

Though the judges scared us all, and the older, more experienced cheerleaders
intimidated us, we pulled through. We were sore, we were tired, we were exhausted, and we wanted to go home. But at the exact same time, we wanted to stay there forever, and sit outside the gym doors until we knew what we wouldn’t find out for months later: who had made the squad. And as the clock rolled around, my friends learned to always expect the unexpected with me, because sometimes I prove them all wrong and do something extremely crazy. Like making the cheerleading squad.

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