quiz thing :)

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Chapter 1


by: DJ_Demonn
1 first kiss? [11]
2 lost virginity? [yea 12]
3 smoke? [used to]
4 cut? [yea]
5 swear? [dosent evryone?]
6 best band? [Nero]
7 best music artist? [Rob Swire]
8 hottest person? [my gf]
9 detentions? [ive lost count]
10 family? [none]
11 hometown? [Wales]
12 born? [Scotland]
13 best frend(s) [Jada Soph Katie Kitty Ana Arthadonial/Shadow (sorry if i spelt it wrong) Rhydian Jessie Rachael]
14 awsome names? [Kenzie Jim Barney_Stinson]
15 full name? [Aaron Declan Ashley Kane]
16 worst fear? [rejection]
17 moms full name? [Rachel Alice Howard]
18 dads full name? [Declan James Adam Kane]
19 how many siblings? [8 i used to have 9 RIP Elliot :( ]
20 turns you on? [fingers through my hair]


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