69 questions one direction

Chapter 1

69 Questions One Direction

1. When did you first start liking One Direction?
My older sister showed me What Makes You Beautiful in November

2. Do you have a favorite boy?
Such a hard decision....probably Liam

3. Have you even had a favorite boy?
At First I was only into Zayn but then I got into all of them in about a week haha

4. What was the first song you’ve ever heard by them?
What Makes You Beautiful

5. Which boy do you relate to the most?
Maybe Liam...IDK

6. Which boy do you relate to the least?
I have no clue

7. Whose style do you admire the most?
I love Louis' style :)

8. What’s one thing you love about Liam?
That he is so sweet and kind to everyone and gorguous!

9. What’s one thing you love about Niall?
The way he eats lol

10. What’s one thing you love about Zayn?
His voice and catch phrase haha.

11. What’s one thing you love about Louis?
He's really funny and has a good fashion sense

12. What’s one thing you love about Harry?
His hair :D and he is extrememly talented like the rest

13. Have you ever disliked one of the boys?
Not really, at the beginning I wasnt too sure about Louis because I didnt know a thing about him, but then I saw a video diary and thats when I loved him lol

14. Would you rather spend a day with all five or a week with just one?
Thats really hard, probably a week with one because thats better than one day with five, seven days with one

15. Do you ever dress like them?
I wish I did but I dont have any clothes like them

16. What’s the top played song the boys have ever sung?
Probably like What Makes You Beautiful and One Thing

17. What would your reaction be if you met them?
Before sees them: I can do this! I'll act completly normal!
sees them: cant move

18. Have you ever been to a concert?
I WISH!!! (see what I did there haha) Ive only seen there disc one at my house

19. Have you ever met them?
I would like faint just hearing that I would be seeing them! so no lol

20. Approximately how many pictures/gifs of them do you have saved on your computer?
Too many to count lol

21. What’s the first piece of 1D merchandise you’ve ever bought?
A shirt, then right after the CD

22. Are you the only Directioner at your school?
Nope! But there are a ton of directionaters too ugh

23. What is your favorite song they sung on the X Factor?
Forever Young

24. What is your favorite music video?
One Thing!!! :D

25. What is your favorite song off the Up All Night album?
Either Moments or Stand Up

26. What is your favorite X Factor video diary?
peter pan!

27. What is your favorite tour video diary?

28. Who do you think has the best hair?

29. Who do you think will be married first?
Liam or Louis

30. Who do you think will be married last?
Zayn or Niall

31. What is your favorite quote from Harry?

32. What is your favorite quote from Liam?
1 2 3 flick!

33. What is your favorite quote from Louis?
"its d its e its r its r its r its r its r its r.."

34. What is your favorite quote from Niall?

35. What is your favourite quote from Zayn?

36. What made you cry the most during A Year in the Making?
I was do busy staring at their gorguous faces lol

37. When was the last time you seriously cried over the boys?
Yesterday... lol

38. On a scale from 1-100, how troubled do your friends and family think you are?

39. What would you give up just to meet the boys?

40. Do you often get yelled at by your parents over the boys?

41. Have you ever walked out of class, because of a Directionator?

42. How do you handle it when someone says something incredibly rude about the boys?
I give them a death stare when they arent looking lol

43. Have you or do you know anyone who has been to one of the boys hometowns?

44. Have you read their books?
The beginning of one, but I dont have enough money to buy the full thing

45. How much money do you think you’ve spent on One Direction?
I dont have a ton of money, but I wish more!!

46. Which bromance(s) do you ship the most?

47. Which bromance(s) do you ship the least?

48. Have you ever been to a signing?
It would be awesome to go to one! but no

49. Do you own anything identical to something one of the boys have?
I have a white striped shirt like Louis, and a jacket that sort of looks like Harry's

50. When was the last time you told someone off after they’ve been blatantly rude about One Direction or one of the boys?
A couple days ago when someone said something very rude about Zayn

51. Do you remember the very first picture you’ve saved of any of the boys?
I think it was of Zayn

52. What is one thing you love about this fandom?
We support each other

53. What is one thing you don’t like about this fandom?
That they all say "And __ is mine!" all the time

54. How many really good friends have you made, because of One Direction?
Many!!! lol

55. What do you think their next album should be called?
Take Me Home ;)

56. Have you ever doubted any of the boys?

57. What is your favorite interview One Direction has ever done?
IDK I love them all lol

58. Has any of the boys followed you on Twitter?
Can't. Don't have one. Wish I did

59. Has any of the boys RT’d or responded to your tweet to them?
Not on Twitter.

60. Has any of the boys friends or relatives followed, RT’d, or responded to you on Twitter?

61. Was there ever a time where you were so close to the boys, but weren’t able to go see them?
Hope that never happens!!

62. What does the term “Directioner” mean to you?
Someone who supports One Direction and dont call them gay CUZ THEY ARE NOT GAY!!!
63. Do you ever think you’ll meet them?
I hope so!!

64. What little things remind you of the boys?
Carrots, Nandos, Mirrors, Plaid shirts, Curly hair, Ireland, Cats, Spoons, pigeons, "KEVIN!!!) and tons of other stuff!

65. What’s your favourite picture/gif of each of the boys?

66. What’s your favourite picture/gif of One Direction?
all of them!!

67. How do you refer to the boys?
The boys!!!

68. Do you think they’ve changed, or will change?
No. They better stay the 5 boys on the staircase!!

69. Are you still waiting for that DM from Zayn?
whats that?


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