A Tail of the Seas

Hazel and Cheyenne turn 13, and they find something about themselves that is truly unique.

Chapter 1

Transformation (Hazels POV)

"Hazel, wake up!" My mom called from my door. I rolled over and groaned.
"Let me sleep!" I replied.
"I made you breakfast in bed, open up!"

I slowly got got out of bed and opened the door. The smell of fresh waffles filled my nose.

"I made a special breakfast, just for the birthday girl." she said.
"Thanks, mom. Oh, and ill be meeting up with Cheyenne later on."
"Alright, tell me when your leaving."

I closed the door and starting eating my delicious breakfast in bed. My phone buzzed, I got a text.

It was from Cheyenne.

Hey, happy birthday :D! What are we gonna do today?

I texted back,

Idk, how about the beach..?

I finished my delicious waffles and orange juice, then got dressed.

I picked out some denim caprees with a matching light blue sweater. The letters 'Rawr' were cracked from being washed so much.

I put my long dark brown hair into a ponytail, and put on our special friendship lucky bracelet. Mine was dark blue, and had 3 sliver charms on it. The biggest one, was a heart. It was between the fish and the water droplet. Cheyenne's was turqiouse, but instead of the water droplet hers had a swirl. We found them on the sea shore.

Lastly, I put on my grey converse and walked out the door.

"I'm leaving mom!" I yelled
"Okay, have fun! Be safe!"

I closed the door and started walking to the beach. Cheyenne texted me back,

Alright, I'll meet you there

Today was me and Cheyennes 13th birthday. We had been friends since preschool and we did everything together. Cheyenne had dirty blonde, curly hair. And big brown eyes. She was tall like me, but paler. I had a sun tan and dark straight brown hair with hazel eyes. I think that's why my mom named me Hazel.

I got to the beach and I saw Cheyenne already there, waiting for me.

"Happy birthday you poop!" I yelled. She smiled and gave me a hug. Not much people were one the beach, since it was in the middle of October and it was chilly.

We walked along the shore talking while playing around. We tried to push eachother into the freezing water like the good friends we are.

The beach was completely silent. Only squawking birds where heard in the distance.

"Let's go for a swim." I said. Cheyenne looked at me confused.
"But it's freezing!" she responded.
"Just for fun. YOLO!" We started laughing cause we both hated YOLO, and always make fun of it.

We held hands and were about to jump off a rock, into the water.

"On three," she said,"One... Two.....THREE!"

We both jumped into the icey cold water and squealed.

"IT'S SO COLLLD!!" I screamed.

Cheyenne started laughing, and so did I. Then something weird happened....

My legs felt like they were being glued together,and morphed into one. I could only move one leg, then the other. I looked at Cheyenne and saw she was having trouble too.

A white flash appeared, and I was blinded for a second.

My legs felt stuck together, and suddenly the water felt warmer. I was struggling to keep afloat, and them Cheyenne screamed.


She had a long beautiful turquoise Tail, that shimmered in the light. She was also wearing a matching bra. She was struggling to swim. I looked down and saw the same thing happened to me.

My tail was dark blue and long like hers. The end of it was so elegant and beautiful, both of our tails were.

We started to freak out, trying to get to shore; but it was too far of a swim. I grabbed her hand and I attempted to swim over to the rock we jumped from.

Cheyenne started to drown, and I couldn't keep myself floating either. We were screaming for help but no one was on the beach.

"What's happening?!" She yelled.
"I have no idea!! Why do we have MERMAID tails!?"

We both went down, gasping for more air. And then something else happened. I was like we didn't need oxygen any more. We could breathe underwater! I tried to swim with my tail, like a dolphin would swim, but we both failed. We kept going down deeper and deeper, the current took us farther out to sea. Me and her were freaking out, trying to get to the surface.

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